Cannabis farms have been found in areas High Park, The Promande, Crossens, the Town Centre, Birkdale and Hillside. 

Merseyside Police’s elite Cannabis Dismantling Team have visited over 400 premises and found industrial scale cannabis farms in many. Many of the farms have a number of “booby traps” to stop rival gangs getting in and stealing or destroying there precious crops. The Cannabis Dismantling Team has found farms where fishing hooks and wire have been run across doors to stop people from entering. The CDT attends around 80% of all cannabis farms found in Merseyside.

Supt Charnock said: “It can take many hours to safely dismantle a cannabis farm spread across several floors of a disused house or business premises but having a dedicated support team to do this means police officers themselves are free to keep policing the streets and being a visible presence for the public.”

Supt Charnock said key signs of a cannabis farm include smells coming from a property, strange comings and goings at unusual times of the day or night, windows that are covered up, or unusual wiring or gardening equipment inside.

f you know of a cannabis farm in Merseyside, please phone Merseyside Police on 101 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.


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