5 Types of Digital Guest Apps to Streamline the Check-in Process

21st March 2024

In this digital world, the check-in process has become a breeze. Many digital guest apps are now available in the market which helps you streamline the check-in process. From check-in to check-out, these digital apps make your journey easy and pleasant. Here, we will discuss the five types of digital guest apps to help you streamline the check-in process. Let’s get in!

Contactless Check-in Software

Contactless check-in software stands out among digital guest apps for streamlining the check-in process, enabling you to complete it seamlessly from your mobile phone and eliminating the discomfort of waiting in long queues and wasting time. Just fill out the digital forms or scan QR codes, and you are all ready to enjoy the comfort of your room. This software increases efficiency and provides great comfort. With Premier Inn Ultimate Wi-Fi, you can complete the check-in process effortlessly and step straight into your cozy room.

Mobile Key Software 

Mobile key software is also an innovative digital gest app. This app also simplifies your check-in process with its advanced features. This software enables the guests to unlock their rooms using smartphones. Not only this, but guests can also control many other features, such as room lighting, fans, and even temperature, by using their mobile phones. This software not only provides ease but also ensures maximum safety and room security. 

Guest Messaging Software 

Another digital guest app that streamlines the check-in process is the guest messaging software. This innovative software is specially designed to help guests with easy check-in processes. The guest messaging software allows guests to communicate directly with the hotel staff. This is really a convenient digital gest app because it saves a lot of time and effort. You can easily communicate with the hotel staff simply from your home. By using this app you can ask for your queries and can also book your rooms. 

Upselling Software 

Upselling software is also a really important digital guest app that benefits both guests and hotels. This app allows the hotels to make customized plans and offers for the guests. In this way, the guest gets extra perks, such as Avanti Free WiFi, which makes their stay at the hotel more pleasant and enjoyable. The hotels also get benefits like attracting more guests and increased revenue. 

Mobile Ordering Software 

Another digital guest app for streamlining your hotel check-in and stay process is mobile ordering software. This software allows you to order food, drinks, and room services from your hotel room and improves your hotel stay and overall experience.