5 top business tips for bridal hairdressers

25th July 2019

If you want to attract brides-to-be to your client base, you could open up not only a new market but also find an incredibly rewarding sector to work in. Creating a hairstyle that will stay with a bride on the best day of their life is undoubtedly an occupation that comes with plenty of job satisfaction. Perfecting soft curls and up-dos for their first photographs is certainly more exciting than sweeping the floor of a salon. So, what should hairdressers who are planning to go freelance consider?

Master new trends quickly

While white wedding dresses don’t appear to be going out of fashion any time soon, hairstyle trends do come and go. Ensuring you have any new hairstyles completely mastered helps to guarantee a happy bride. 

Hairdressers Insurance

The idea of something going wrong on the day of a wedding is something that makes both hairdressers and brides quake at the knees. However, sometimes it’s not a bad hair-do that can go wrong; lost client information or sickness as the result of a product can cause an equal amount of upset. Finding hairdresser insurance will help cover you for incidents that are specific to your industry. UK insurers such as Hiscox are experienced in helping professionals with unique expertise get the right level of cover. 

Update your portfolio with bridal shots

A stylised headshot can look incredibly impressive, and many brides-to-be want to imagine how they’ll look on their big day. Showcasing some examples of brides that have been styled by you will show that you offer the full package. It’s advised that your portfolio should be the one thing that doesn’t let your business down. 

Regularly check your equipment

If you suspect your straighteners are on their way out or think some of your equipment could do with replacing, it’s wise to get this sorted as soon as possible. You may also need a travel case or trolley to transport your equipment. As you won’t be working in a salon, you won’t have any back-up equipment to borrow. Even though the bride in question may have some of her own products you could borrow, you shouldn’t rely on a client’s personal belongings to bail you out during a malfunction.

Work on your customer service

Being polite and courteous are both common sense when it comes to working in a public-facing job, but not all of us are extroverts. Being incredibly chatty and friendly can be incredibly exhausting if you are naturally shy or quiet. However, staying chatty and personable with every client, as much as you possibly can, will do wonders for spreading your name about. If clients can say that you were not only excellent at your job, but made them feel comfortable and engaged, then it should help with recommendations.

If you are considering moving out of the salon and into the hotel and bedrooms of brides to be, then it’s great to get some first-hand advice from other hairdressers. It’s likely that they will have made mistakes and gained some valuable advice that you can implement in your own career journey.