5 Tips To Increase Your Views On TikTok

20th April 2021

TikTok is one of the biggest social media platforms these days. It has hundreds of millions of users and it is still growing. But since the competition is tough on the platform it can often become tough to gain more views on TikTok. We decided to go over a few tips that can help you increase engagement on TikTok and get a lot of views. Buy tiktok followers from Famoid, it’s an easy way to get more followers!

Read on.

1.Figure Out a Niche and Stick to It

The very first tip that we would like to provide you is that you can pick a niche that you think is interesting and lets you do a lot of creative stuff. Now, a lot of TikTok creators do not necessarily fit in a niche but they do have a sort of shtick that they use. If you have any skill like singing, dancing, sketching, playing an instrument etc. then you can easily come up with creative content showcasing your skills. If you keep uploading innovative stuff sticking to a niche then a lot of people who like the particular style or kind of videos that you do then they will keep coming to you for it. Now, a lot of people may not have those kinds of skills. In that case, you can try your hand at funny stuff. Today, a good percentage of the popular TikToks deal with a funny sketch of video. Another niche that you can try your hand in is trends. If you can come up with creative ideas that people will like to try out then you can start a popular trend, get a lot of views and gain TikTok likes. Sticking to a niche at the beginning will help you gain followers and views from people who regularly follow that niche. When you have a stable following you can try experimenting with other niches. 

2.Make Duet Videos

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms that popularized short video format content. Before TikTok there was Vine but the energy of Vine was very much different and was more leaning towards funny and comedy-style videos. TikTok also introduced a really innovative feature on their platform. It was called Duet. In this, people can take a TikTok and then record their TikTok side by side to the original one and upload it. So, basically at one part, the person’s own TikTok would be playing and at another part, the other TikTok would be playing at the same time. This feature sparked creativity among TikTok users so much so that it is still one of the most popular features on the platform. So, how can you get more views using this feature? Well, take a really popular TikTok and then make a creative duet TikTok with it. Or make videos that can stand alone well but at the same time has nice potential for people to make duet videos using your TikTok. This can help you gain more followers on TikTok as people will be constantly searching and viewing your TikTok to make duet videos with it. Also, if you make a duet video with another popular TikTok then people who like the other one might be interested in watching Duet TikToks with it. So, you will increase engagement on your video.

3.Targeted Hashtag Usage

If you want to widen your reach and get more exposure to your TikTok videos, one of the ways to do it is the usage of Hashtags. Hashtags are great ways to target potential audiences. You basically end up reaching more people other than the ones that already follow you. So, it helps you gain more views on TikTok. The way TikTok works is that you can jump on trending topics and get a lot of views. People are not critical of it like they are on other social media platforms. This is because the environment of TikTok is such that it is very conducive to people posting videos that follow a certain trend. Working on creating entertaining videos based on a popular trend and then using the trending hashtags can be a good way to increase engagement on your TikTok and gain a lot of views. 

4.Upload Frequently

If you still have a relatively low audience or you want to increase the views on your TikTok, one thing that tends to work is uploading as frequently as possible. However, this in no way means that you start compromising on the quality of your TikToks. Delivering quantity with quality is a skill that every social media influencer should have as it helps keep their audience engaged as they will always have enough content to watch. Also, posting more frequently can often increase your chances of getting more exposure and thus gaining more views. This is something that has been shown by many studies i.e. in many cases people who post more frequently on social media platforms tend to grow faster than ones that don’t. So, try to create multiple contents daily. Increase the creation on weekends. Then schedule your uploads on an auto-scheduler so that you do not have to remember uploading them. The scheduler will do it for you. 

5.Be Patient and Observe

Look, there are two types of growth on social media. One is an overnight success that stays for a couple of months and then fades away and the other one is a gradual building of audience till you become an authority figure on the platform. On TikTok, the line can get a bit murky as many TikTokers that have become overnight successes have successfully transitioned into more consistent creators and still enjoy popularity. Our suggestion is to be patient. Work smartly and put in the time and be observant. Look, what’s working for others and how you can use it to get more views. The sooner you get on a trend the most you can get out of it. Similarly, be observant of the engagement that you are getting. It will help you understand your target audience and what kind of content they are more responsive to. Then create more content of that type. Take your time, observe and hit them with your best shot and you will surely reach the social media goal you are looking for as most people quit halfway.


So, that’s our list of tips on how to gain more views on TikTok. We hope you learned something interesting and informative and are ready to work on your content and get more views. We wish you all the best for your growth on TikTok.