5 Tips to Increase Sales for Adobe Commerce Business on Upcoming Holidays

1st November 2021

Even with the wide availability of vaccines and certain normalcy back in our lives, Coronavirus disease keeps being a factor of uncertainty when the holiday season comes closer. What scenario will be for the 2021 holiday shopping? What action should your Adobe Commerce business take?

In the thick of the ambiguity, we have news worth celebrating. Expectedly, the economy will grow most rapidly during the back half of the year. With this good news in mind, you may want to use these five tips to drive sales on upcoming holidays.

1. Ensure brand messaging is relevant amid Covid-19

Relevant brand messaging is always significant, especially this year. Customers will somehow consider how brands plan out holiday shopping amid the pandemic that is not over yet.

Companies that seem to prefer sales to safety will not gain the public favor. According to a Deloitte study, consumers will generally root for businesses aligning with their values. Most of these people will not be reluctant to end or refuse to cement relationships if they disagree with the corporate value, business practices, or stuff.

That is why it is critical to take care of your employees and shoppers in your store. In what ways? Ensure you take proper measures such as:

  • Encourage customers to make cashless payments to avoid physical contact.
  • Leverage contactless delivery. For example, put the goods on the doorstep of purchasers.
  • Offer gift cards, for instance, to see to it that your customers will come back for a buy in the future.

2. Optimize loyalty programs

A top-notch loyalty program is the best way of championing loyalty.

These programs can add plenty of value to a Magento business, considering the tendency of consumers to find the best deal. Statistically, more than seventy percent of shoppers say they prefer firms that offer rewards. So, to entice purchasers to come back to your business, incentivize their return via loyalty programs.

Customer loyalty programs can be in various forms yet often have a rewards system as the main characteristic. The system rewards purchasers depending on the buying frequency or the amount spent. Making the most of customer data, you can offer individual rewards, personalizing incentives for loyalty.

3. Optimize your website load time

Increasing your website traffic is a critical contributor to online success. According to statistics, if visitors come to a lagging website with a slow load time, they will bounce and discover another source for the items they are finding. Noteworthily, in the holiday season, the supply increases, so consumers have vast choices of brands and products.

Poor user experience aside, slow load time affects SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) rankings. As you know, Google search engines cannot stress enough the importance of page load speed. If your site does not load fast enough, it is impossible to win on traffic and sales. For those curious about how to check the page load speeds, use the free Google tool, PageSpeed Insights

As for the ways to increase the load time, we suggest contacting your Magento solution provider and discussing which modules you should disable or remove from your online store. Some modules may be of no use based on your business requirement. Keeping them is likely to hinder your website’s performance.

4. Implement proper inventory and shipping control procedures

The statistics show that almost seventy percent of online shoppers will remove the item or give up on their whole order when seeing the stock-out sign.

Poor inventory management can be the root cause of the stock-out. We recommend having the right tools to monitor your inventory in real-time and predict potential demands.

Aside from inventory control, you should pay enough attention to the shipping time and cost. It is best to make it fast and free.

These are two words that can break or make a customer’s decision to buy online. Just check out the figures. If a store charges the shipping fee, about 45 percent of shoppers will drop their purchases. Meanwhile, over fifty percent will add more products to their order to qualify for free shipping. That is why for the demand satisfaction, we suggest you try and ship more online orders at no cost.