5 Tips for Keeping Your Flat Secure

16th February 2024

With 8.5 million criminal offences occurring every year, many homeowners are keen to do all they can to prevent themselves from being the victim of a crime. While it’s hard to reduce the chances of being kidnapped or worse, there are some things you can do to reduce your risk of theft and robbery.

Here are five tips that’ll help keep your flat secure.

Secure your locks

It might sound obvious, but the first step you need to take to keep unauthorised people out of your flat is investing in some new locks. If your locks are looking a little worn, it’s a good idea to buy some high-quality locks that are designed to withstand tampering and picking. If you live in an area that’s a hotspot for crime, consider deadbolt locks for exterior doors, too.

Once your sturdy locks are in place, regularly inspect them for signs of wear and tear or damage. If they show signs of deterioration, replace them immediately.

Join neighbourhood watch

Joining neighbourhood watch can be hugely beneficial for you – but also for the wider community. Not only will you be able to keep an eye on each other’s flats but a close-knit community often helps to deter criminals for fear of being caught in the act.

But the benefits are far greater than this. As an active member of the community, you’ll be able to sleep easily knowing your hard work contributing to a safer and more vibrant neighbourhood.

Use lighting

Extra security measures (like lighting) can significantly reduce the risk of intruders breaking in. Well-lit homes are much more challenging for intruders to target as they can’t easily hide their activities. Outdoor flood lights with a motion sensor are an excellent choice for all types of properties.

If that’s not enough, indoor lights with a timer can help create the illusion that you’re at home, even if you aren’t.

Consider security systems and home insurance

If you’re worried about break-ins, you might want to think about installing an alarm or security system with remote monitoring. This acts as a further deterrent and if someone still chooses to target your flat, it’ll can help you find the perpetrator.

You should also consider obtaining home insurance to ensure your flat’s safety with comprehensive protection.

Rethink what you post on social media

While it’s great to share posts with family and friends, be mindful about sharing personal information on social media. Sharing your holiday snaps while you’re away could tip off potential burglars, giving them the green light to enter your flat.

Final thoughts…


With millions of crimes occurring every year, safeguarding your flat against theft is crucial. The good news is that by securing your locks, joining neighbourhood watch and investing in lighting and security systems, you can ensure your home is safe for years to come.