5 Things To Consider Before Buying a Pool Cue

23rd April 2022

Choosing a pool cue is getting harder and harder when there are just more and more attractive options available in the market. As a fresh player, you always play pool with the pool sticks available in the place, which is normal for most people. However, if you really want to improve your skills and get serious about this game, you must choose your own pool cue that perfectly fits you. You should try different types of pool sticks, but you also should know 5 things below before buying a pool cue.


  1. Budget

We all know that budget is the most important factor that decides our purchases. You will never have to cope with any problem when you know the amount of money you can spend on one purchase. This will definitely save your wallet and even future embarrassment at the moment when you find out you cannot afford it. The price for one pool cue ranges from under $50 to more than $1000. There are many things that are involved in the creation of a pool cue that decides the price such as the material, style, brand, shaft type, graphics that are overlaid or inlaid, etc. Therefore, making a suitable budget for yourself is the first thing you need to do.


  1. Skill Level

Different levels of players have different skill sets and there are 3 levels of players: beginners, mid-range players and professionals.

Beginners: Beginners will start to learn new techniques and basic skills, therefore you will have to practice again and again, and you will need a cue that guides you through all such hard moves and stand by you. Besides, they need to be strong enough for little damage at the beginning when you haven’t controlled your cue right. These types of cues range from $50 to $150.

Midrange-players: These players are near the pros level and already so far from beginners. They will need pros-level cues with fancy wood that can assist them to the next level. These types of cues are in the price range of $150-$350.

Pros: Professional players already have their hands set on their pool sticks, but they are trying to look for something new. When they want to purchase a cue, they will go to famous cue brands with an extraordinary style, necessary functions and more. Therefore, these cues often cost more than $350.


  1. Performance

When a player gets more serious about the game, the technique they require in their cues gets more sophisticated. They will need a cue with high accuracy and performance, which are performance-enhancing cues. Some pool cues are made for special shots and techniques like break shot, jump shot, etc. These pool sticks with certain purposes or shots are made with particular types of materials. These details will provide great strength and accuracy to the pool cue and players will utilize these details to gain the best result as they wish.


  1. Style


Will you choose a pool cue with the demand of fashion over function? The answer actually depends on the price and the level of the player. When players have already determined the budget, skill level and performance level of the cue, which will limit their aesthetic options in certain types of cues. Within a certain price range, the quality and performance of the pool stick is not much different because the price difference will mostly show up on its style and fashion. But it doesn’t mean that with a low budget, you cannot find a good pool stick that matches your style. There are still a lot of cues under $200 available in the market, which fit players’ personalities.


  1. Weight/Balance

The weight of a cue is one of the most important factors that affect players’ results because if a player doesn’t use a proper cue weight, they might feel tired or they cannot control the cue right. Without the proper balancing, the pool stick cannot produce desirable results. Every player should know that the average weight of any cue is from 18oz. to 21oz. Some players want lightly weighted cues because they can handle it easily while some players demand heavily weighted cues because they have huge build and they can easily relate to them. Generally, the proper weight of the cues depends on the different shapes and weights of the players.


Keep those 5 things in mind whenever you want to get a new pool cue. They will assist you to find a proper cue that will be not only suitable for your wallet but also for your demand and style. Whenever things related to playing pool, there is no limit to satisfaction because this is not just a game, it is the way of living and a passion.