5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

16th February 2021

As we all know how social media marketing can be a game-changer for a brand or an influencer, And since you are here checking this article, I’m sure you must be aware of it too. It’s true that today almost every brand is on social media platforms, but only a few excel in social media marketing. Hence when you are competing with those bigwigs, better to go prepared and learn from some common mistakes that most social media marketers make. 

Hence here we have listed 5 common mistakes and how you can avoid them, I insist you read till the end as it will definitely help you grow your social media presence and gain popularity

1. Not having a plan

Let’s start with the most common mistake, which if avoided can be a game-changer for your social media success. In fact having a plan should be the very first step for any brand or an influencer after they are done deciding about their niche, audience, and product. 

Since you are reading this article, I’m sure you are not one of those people who still don’t recognize how critical social media is for a brand or an influencer. Hence you should put the same efforts that you put into any other marketing campaign. Working without a plan is like running a marathon without knowing the route and without carrying any essentials, where all your efforts will go waste. 

So before diving in make sure you develop your social media marketing strategy. Come up with a list of goals that you want to achieve through social media, set a budget, and make an easy to follow action plan. It will provide you a set of actions that will help you achieve your goals, once you set yourself on this route you will definitely gain popularity over time. 

2. Not targeting a specific audience

Knowing your audience is a part of an efficient plan, but many companies just focus on posting content without targeting a specific group. As of course everyone wants a wider reach on social media, but at the end of the day, it all depends on your social media goals. And it’s obvious that having a general and inclusive audience will be like aiming in the dark. As you won’t be interested in the audience who don’t want your product or service, instead you’ll use your resources to target the audience who are actually interested in your product and might buy it. 

Understanding your audience won’t just help you in targeting, but it will also help get an idea of what kind of content you can provide which will be relevant according to your audience’s age, interest, gender, etc. Plus, you’ll also be able to know which platform your target audience uses the most. And hence can use social media platforms in a stronger and more effective manner. Don’t go for growth service from the scammers like Goso, get a safe service instead. 

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3. Making it all about you

Take any social media platform, each platform has millions of posts and videos, you can easily get lost in all that noise. And if you’ll just make it all about yourself, you won’t be able to gain popularity. Okay a quick question, will you follow a page or account that just showcases their products, tell how great they are, and nothing else? I guess not. So if you are doing the same, why will your audience want to follow you when they have various such accounts who are selling a similar product but also interacting, sharing something valuable for their audience and are relating to them. 

It’s true that this mistake might be hard to avoid but if you have avoided the above two mistakes, then you are almost there. As you understand your audience and you have an action plan to follow. Plus, you can always take inspiration from other creators or you can directly ask your audience. 

Other than that, try to add the human touch to your social media platforms, reply to comments, interact with your audience, try to make them a part of your journey. 

4. Not keeping track of analytics 

Every social media platform offers a powerful tool that will help you access your performance metrics. Where you can monitor and get useful insights that will help you perform better and save your resources, as you’ll be able to make strategic changes in your marketing campaign accordingly. As I have already mentioned, one should treat social media marketing just like any other marketing campaign. Hence just like any other campaign, be it affiliate, organic or pay per click campaign, if a strategy isn’t working you’ll look for answers and when a strategy is working then you’ll want to do more of it.  

It can tell you a lot more about your audience when your audience comes online, what’s the age group, the popularity of a post, and much more. And If you want a detailed report of your performance, you can find various analytical tools that will help you analyze and visualize your performance. 

5. Not respecting social media terms and conditions

This is of course the biggest mistake that every company should avoid as not following social media terms and conditions can be dangerous. No matter if you are on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or some other social media platform if you aren’t following their guidelines, you can lose your account, ruin your company’s reputation, and can give you legal trouble. You’ll be going against their terms and conditions if you are using copyright content, creating fake accounts, using bots, and so on. So we encourage you to read the terms and conditions of social media platforms.