5 established ways to promote your YouTube Videos

Do you want your YouTube videos to attract high traffic? If that is the case, you’re on the right platform, at the right time with the right people.

First, like any other business out there, there’s no easy way out. You can decide to buy YouTube promotion packages without an extra effort that amounts to nothing. In other words, you need to involve various strategies for your videos to be ranked at the top.

Most people tend to think that YouTube videos are all about showcasing talents using beautiful videos. And the next minute, you will hit the jackpot with views and subscriptions. If it was that easy as they suggest, why are some videos having a million views while others don’t even have dozens of views?

Therefore, without proper promotions, your video will be only another post in the midst of a myriad of videos. So, which is the best way to promote your YouTube videos? Their answer is straightforward, and the article is going to share some of the established ways of promoting YouTube videos. Read on!

Where can you promote your videos?

Here all the social media platforms should be involved—talk of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and so forth. First, you should reach out too many followers on social media and then start promoting your videos.

How to promote your videos?

  • Be rich in terms of keywords.
  • Exploit the tags avenue and post them on social media
  • Produce quality videos
  • Use Autoplay
  • Use a viral content
  • Use hashtags

Lastly, be patient; you can’t have a million weeks in a week when you’re just a beginner. Create your brand first.

5 established ways to promote your YouTube videos

Here if you want more traffic, it cannot be achieved through mere promotions. It would be best if you go an extra mile. For better traffic, below are some of the ways;

  1. Use killer title

Like blogs, videos need good titles. This is the make it or break it juncture. Without a good title, your videos may not perform well. The following tips can improve your video’s title;

  • Ensure that the title is short and don’t forget the current year
  • Involve the keywords and include power words like “Top,” “Best,” and “Fantastic.”
  • Capitalize the title
  • Involve emotional words
  1. Video tags

It should be noted that video tags are one of the organic promotional factors. Therefore, avoid using incorrect tags. On the other hand, YouTube videos’ tagging systems are slightly different from that of general blogs. Hence, do enough research on the highest-ranked videos and use the tags they are using, and also use the unique brand name tag. Lastly, in your videos’ tags include the primary keyword.

  1. Custom thumbnails

Top-notch custom thumbnails are very effective and can easily attract people’s attention. Depending on the thumbnail image, the video can surface on the suggested video feed. But it would be best if you are careful with the ratio; limit it to 16:9 per 2Mb size image.

  1. Start a blog

Nowadays, content is the main selling point for the online fraternity. People love to know what they are getting into by reading. You can create a blog for your videos. Within the content, you can refer your audience to your channel through use of links. But ensure the content is exceptional and has a direct relationship with your YouTube channel.

  1. Involve people

Sometimes you need to go personal for your videos and channel to survive. Ask people to like, share, or comment on your YouTube videos. This will promote your brand and drive the audience to like and subscribe to your YouTube channel.

  1. Keep learning

The online community is a dynamic market. What they like today is not what they will like tomorrow. They keep changing, and as a YouTuber, you should be flexible and keep updating yourself. By learning, you will easily know the upcoming trends and how you should react to them.

Final thoughts

Before you get concerned about the places to promote your YouTube videos, are your videos complete? In other words, what’s the quality of your videos? If your video’s quality is poor even with the above tips, you are heading nowhere. First, make peace with your video’s quality then the tips will help you to thrive.


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