5 Content Genres for Audiences of All Ages that can get Many Likes

21st October 2021

TikTok is a social media platform that is extremely popular to teenagers and people born in the 80’s, 90’s, and 20’s generations.

However nowadays, we can observe that even the younger audiences have already shown tendencies of adaptation into the digital age and are most likely to be an addition to the large online audience to many social media and content creation sites, and TikTok is one of them.

As we transition into a time wherein even our 9-year-old daughter or niece browse TikTok for some fun and entertainment, we often try to wonder what kind of content we should allow our children to watch.

While there are some third-party applications that can filter explicit content in TikTok, as an aspiring content creator who wishes to get more TikTok likes, followers and viewers, it is a smart move to adopt to the change audience spectrum.

In this article, we list down the potential well-liked content for people of all ages that you can try to explore and do for better content and get more TikTok likes.


  1. Food

Taking videos of you enjoying your hobbies and things you love is one of the features that TikTok has offered for its users. Through vlogs, or by recording yourself enjoying memories in forms of eating, visiting places, or attractions, you’re invoking a sense of empathy by sharing the experience with other people.

And people do enjoy watching people cook or eat online, such is the sudden rise of the content genre known as “mukbangs”, because people like to imagine visualizing themselves to be enjoying the same experience with the ones who’re doing the content.

If you’re confident of expressing your experience and emotions to an audience while enjoying eating or cooking your food, then you might want to consider doing this genre on TikTok, and surely you would get many likes.


  1. Pets

A lot of people have a soft spot for cute wiggly furry animals on the internet, and that is more evident in social media, such is the case of TikTok. Numerous internet celebrities and social media sensations who’re already famous online tend to even create accounts and profiles for their pets to showcase them.

There is a portion of content creators who would prefer training and spending time with domesticated animals or even exotic pets and showcase them to their audience.

If you have a likeable pet that you would like to share with people online, then you might want to consider taking videos of you together as these kinds of content are well-liked by people of all ages and are more likely to get a lot of TikTok likes.

  1. Educational

Education is free and is found everywhere, and it is one of the major benefits of the internet. There are so many sources of information online, and TikTok is a major resource of secondary and tertiary information.

Humanity’s thirst for knowledge and insatiable curiosity has birthed a portion of TikTok content creators who prefer making videos of them explaining things or generally giving random facts and information.

There are so many interesting things we ought to learn out there, and if you’re someone who generally come across many kinds of information and are creative about sharing these to an audience, then you might want to consider making educational videos for audiences of all ages.

  1. Music/Musical

Music is the leading major resource in the entertainment industry and is liked by audience of all ages. Much more is said when people imitate movies, songs, or any music that people can jam to that is pleasing to hear and watch.

TikTok users who usually play instruments, whether it is classical or pop or ballad, people generally like these kinds of content and it has a very large audience.

If you are confident in your ability to play instruments, or sing, or imitate musically inclined content then this genre can easily get you a ton of TikTok likes.

  1. Animated/Cartoonish

Cartoons are the kind of content we see that try to visualize fiction while trying to imitate real-life scenarios. There are multiple ways and third-party applications online that can help enhance how we can create content, and the same can be said for animations and cartoons.

Even with the help of TikTok’s built-in augmented reality software, it is possible to be able to make large varieties of animated content for the general audience to enjoy. Especially for the younger audiences, these kinds of people who have wide vivid imaginations would prefer looking at cartoonish content rather than real-life ones.

If you’re confident in your skill to recreate cartoons or animate objects and scenarios then this genre is one of the best ways for you to get a lot of exposure online, go viral, and get many TikTok likes.