5 Aspects of Online Casino Reviews You Need to Know

14th December 2021

So, you’ve decided to try a new online casino. You could be a seasoned player or perhaps this is your first rodeo, either way, many read and rely on reviews as part of their vetting process of an online casino.

This is fine but you should always access how genuine the review is. In September 2020 a Financial Times investigation found that 9 out of 10 Amazon reviews showed suspicious behaviour. As such, reviews good and bad might be bogus.

This brief guide will help you assess online casino reviews more accurately minimising the chances of a disappointing casino experience and maximising your chances of a great online experience. With this in mind, you may want to check out betting.co.uk after reading our guide.

What to Look for in an Online Casino Review

Better reviews give you a good, honest overview of an individual player experience. This include’s the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you think about it, if you were reviewing a casino after a night’s play, you would include everything, no? So when you look for a good casino, pay attention to reviews that offer a balanced viewpoint.

Read the Whole Review to Spot Fakes

To get the most out of reviews you have to read them in their entirety. Many players skim read or look for pointers such as bonuses and how reviewers felt about their favourite games. This is a mistake as the whole review may give a better overview of the online casino than reading the opening paragraph only.

Too Good to be True

Some not so scrupulous online entities employ people to give them 5-star glowing reviews. There are dedicated companies that offer these services, such is the lucrative and competitive nature of online markets. If you consider that in 2020 the online casino worldwide market size was 202.54 billion American dollars, then you have a good indicator as to why an online casino may go to extraordinary lengths to get a competitive edge.

As such, you have to be wary of ‘going all-in’ when you see a 5-star flawless review about a casino. It is possible the player loved it that much they gave a wonderful account of their experience, but it is highly unlikely. Here are a few telltale signs that the review is too good to be true:

  • It is pretty short, light on specific details.
  • It mentions the brand name a lot.
  • It has a generic feel about it.
  • The review is about a game that isn’t catered for on this particular online casino.
  • The review doesn’t feel that the reviewer actually used the site.

Too good to be true reviews probably are exactly that.

Terrible Reviews

If a casino is terrible it stands to reason that it is going to get a plethora of terrible reviews. This can range from payment issues, customer service, a less than favourable gaming experience and so on and so forth.

That said, it is worth bearing in mind that like companies that are hired to provide great reviews, the reverse is also true. This can actually be harder to spot than a too good to be true review. Here are a few pointers that the reviews are fake:

  • The reviews are genericand you don’t really get a feeling that the players actually had an account.
  • The review is light on specific details.It is often the case a bad review focuses on one aspect of the casino and not a scathing attack. It is far more genuine when a review would comment on the good things, and say but this and that let it down.
  • There is one terrible review among decent ones.This is a sign that a competitor has put in a fake bad review to turn people away from the competition.
  • The reviews are very short and as such avoid details of the player’s experience.
  • Assess the casino’s response.If the casino has responded to a bad review, which they should do, see what they have to say. This can be a good indicator as to the authenticity of the review.

With a little practice, you will spot fake reviews both good and bad.

General Review Guidance

To get the most out of the review process it is advisable to do the following:

  • Read all the reviews. If there are some fakes and some genuine reviews the latter should stand out. They will feel authentic and often describe an experience. By reading all the reviews you’ll also get a good picture of what the casino is all about.
  • Check multiple sources of reviews.Reviews are not just from Google but from multiple sources. Facebook, Reddit and so on and so forth are used by players and you’ll find reviews on there too. Again, you should apply due diligence. You can never read enough reviews when assessing an online casino.

It is never fun reading reviews but it offers good information as to whether to play in the casino or keep your money in your wallet. Do your diligence before partying with your cash.