4 Ways Temp Agencies Can Simplify Candidates Onboarding Process

20th January 2024


Every recruitment agency operating in the UK aims to accelerate its processes to cash in more clients and enlarge its pool of candidates. Agencies adopt several methods to increase productivity and recruit more employees to speed up daily activities. 

If you are one of the recruitment agencies who wish to bolster their process efficiency and give their candidates excellent experience, this article is for you. 

We will discuss one intricate, time-consuming task -the candidates’ onboarding process, which will save your agency substantial time, and you can divert your administrative department human resources to revenue-generating activities. 

You will be delighted to know that we will share 4 valuable ways to simplify your temporary recruitment agency candidates’ onboarding process. It will start yielding desired outcomes in a shorter span.

What is the Candidates’ Onboarding Process? 

Let us first brief you about it. Candidates’ onboarding process is a pivotal stage in the recruitment process where new temps are seamlessly integrated into their recruitment system. 

It involves introducing to their team members, completing paperwork, checking compliance, educating them about company policies, and telling them about work culture and other fundamental aspects to ensure candidates feel comfortable. 

This smooth onboarding experience sets the tone for a positive employee journey, amplifies job satisfaction, and augments retention rates.

What is Included in the Candidate Onboarding Process?

You must be wondering what is included in candidates’ onboarding process. Let us provide you with a brief about its components. It comprises numerous elements, from paperwork completion to accepting compliance and legal documents to training and orientation. 

It is vital to educate your new hires about the company’s vision, mission, values, policies, and culture to make them familiar with job expectations, working style, and team dynamics. 

It ensures your recruited staff adheres to the company’s working regulatory requirements, such as employee contracts. All these aspects contribute to efficient onboarding and give your agency and business peace of mind that recruited workers can contribute from the initial days.

Why Should You Automate Candidates Onboarding Process?

The best way to stay ahead in this competitive recruitment industry is to deliver an exceptional experience to your candidates. It is advisable by recruitment experts to automate the onboarding process to reduce the risk of errors associated with manual data entry.

For instance, excellent temporary agency recruitment software is available in the UK market, empowering you to place a webpage to accept GDPR policy and contracts before candidates fill in their details and upload documents. 

This automation ensures that recruited employees have read the policy and contract and have accepted it. It will save time onboarding candidates.

It accelerates the onboarding timeline and enhances candidates’ experience by providing a tech-savvy and user-friendly platform, exhibiting your commitment to innovation.

4 Ways Temp Agencies Can Simplify Candidates’ Onboarding Process

In this section, we will share four potent and efficacious ways in which your temp recruitment agency can simplify the candidate onboarding process.

1. Mobile-Friendly Onboarding Apps

Do you know that more than 70% of mobile users complete their job applications from their devices, and nearly 90% of job seekers search for jobs from their smartphones? 

These astonishing numbers show that job seekers prefer convenience and mobile-friendly websites for applying for jobs. Hence, it is crucial to incorporate mobile-friendly onboarding apps or temp agency software that can be accessed from a smartphone for onboarding and other recruitment process. 

It will help you simplify the onboarding process as candidates can complete application forms on the go and upload the required documents.

2. Automated Compliance Checks

The next way to streamline the candidate onboarding process is capitalising automation power to provide self-service options to employees to upload essential compliance documents along with their registration form. 

It will be available at your end for your team to review and approve. It eliminates human involvement at every compliance stage and speeds up the process to bolster overall productivity.

3. Automated Communication

It is paramount to keep your candidates informed about their progress in the onboarding process. 

Hence, it is recommended to capitalise on automated communication tools, such as temporary recruitment software, wherein you can track at which stage candidates are stuck so your team can guide them. 

Also, candidates can see the information they provided, uploaded documents, and work details in real-time. 

The best part about automated communication is that you can send multiple candidates text messages in just one click about the availability for the shifts, and their responses are automatically updated in real-time in your system.

4. Digital Document Management

Like compliance document uploading, you can incorporate digital document management systems for a paperless approach. It gives candidates the flexibility to upload job documents at their convenience. 

You can share them with businesses looking for workers with similar skill sets and talents. It eliminates human involvement in manually inputting documents into the system and the risk of errors, thereby streamlining the documentation process.

Apart from the above, two other compelling techniques are gamified onboarding platforms. It rewards your candidates with points, badges, and level completion appreciation as they complete onboarding activities. 

It not only makes the process fun and engaging but also motivates candidates to actively participate. 

Moreover, you can integrate voice-activated onboarding assistants, offering candidates a hands-free and intuitive experience for onboarding process completion. It guides them through necessary tasks by giving prompts, answering their queries, and providing real-time information. 

These two methods demonstrate your commitment to incorporating futuristic technology to enhance the candidate experience.


After reading the article, you will have outstanding clarity on a candidate’s onboarding process, its components, and why you should automate it. Moreover, you will have comprehended the four ways your temp agencies can simplify candidates’ onboarding process. 

By considering all the information provided in the article and investing in temporary recruitment software in the UK, you can undoubtedly attain tremendous outcomes. 

Nonetheless, by embracing automation and innovation, you can confidently embark on the candidates’ onboarding process and bolster your agency’s overall productivity and efficiency.