3 reasons why travelling can help the older generation

25th May 2022

As we get older, it becomes harder and harder to see the world – especially when travel becomes more reliant on technology to get around. Making sure the older generation still has the ability to travel and the confidence to go is essential, particularly when travelling provides a great number of benefits for the older generation, three of which we have outlined below:


Travelling can keep your brain sharp


Ask someone the best way to keep your brain sharp with age and the majority of them will say to keep the mind active. While research around the effectiveness of cognitive training to prevent illnesses like dementia is still inconclusive, learning a new skill or pursuing a hobby like travel can help preserve brain function in both the long and short term. Stepping outside of your comfort zone and dealing with mistakes and problems that you only encounter when you’re abroad, can also help older people continue to challenge their brain, and keep it active.


Travelling can help you maintain a sense of independence 


Losing your independence is a scary thought for most older adults that have spent their lives living independently. However, the natural effects of getting old can make it hard to live independently, for example, difficulties with mobility, financial strains, and also an increased risk of health conditions. By continuing to travel – including sometimes travelling alone – older generations can maintain a sense of independence which in turn will also improve their physical health; if you can travel a longer distance by yourself, you’ll be able to get to hospital appointments, for example. There is also a sense of purpose that comes from being independent, which can prevent older people from developing feelings of hopelessness and depression.


Travelling can help you meet new people 


It’s normal to lose touch with friends and family as we age, and making friends can sometimes seem a little daunting as you get older, especially if you live alone. However, travelling is a great way to expand your social circle again. Going on specific trips that cater to older people can help you not just meet new people, but help you create another group of friends who all enjoy going away together. Once you’ve established a set of friends that also like to travel with you, you can then make the most of group travel discounts and save money by booking together.


From keeping your brain active, helping you maintain your independence, and encouraging you to make new friends, travelling can have a wealth of benefits for the older generation. In other words, continuing to travel – whether it’s abroad or just within the UK – is a sure-fire way to stay young.