3 reasons why brand clothing might be going out of fashion in the future

28th January 2023

Brands have been an important part of the fashion industry for ages, setting the trends for the seasons to come and inspiring people in what to wear. But times are changing fast and as young people have other dilemmas to face, they might be looking elsewhere to buy their clothes. Here are three reasons why the brand might be going out of fashion heading into the future. 


In the fashion industry, brands have always set the trends for the future. It’s what keeps the motor of creativity running. But as times are changing, the minds of especially the young consumers might be heading in other directions in the future. 

Considering the budget

It’s no secret that brand clothes are more expensive than the opposite. And in times when people need to consider how they spend their money, unbranded clothing from a wholesaler might be a solution as the prices are affordable for most people. With little money in the budget, big and expensive brands are the first to get cut, and even though clothes are a necessity for everyday life, it’s crucial to find something that doesn’t ruin the budget.  

Making your own style

With unbranded clothes, people are not representing a larger corporation or company, and this might make space for their individual personalities. We live in times of the individual, where it’s important to make yourself heard not by how much money you have or what you wear, but by what you say and mean. Clothes that don’t reveal who you are, allow space for individuals to stand out for themselves and step forward. One of the benefits is that you are able to buy a wide range of clothing items in good quality, and personalise them afterward. 

The environment matters

When it comes to the environment, the clothing industry has a big responsibility. This affects consumers as well and young people today use their money with the environment in mind. Sustainability is therefore crucial for brands in the future. If a brand doesn’t represent the values of consumers, they might rather go for the unbranded version and not be associated with this themselves. 


It’s important to note that the big brands in the clothing industry are still making a name for themselves on the market. But the future might look different for the consumer and on the market, it’s always the consumer who is in charge.