High winds have caused sand from the beach to blow over the wall and to be deposited onto the promenade but Liberal Democrat councillor Mike Booth says budget cuts are to blame.

Site management facilities at Southport beach were targeted by Sefton’s last budget on 5th March, which saved the authority £150,000.


Booth said: “My concern is that we are now in the summer season, and the cuts are hurting our image. The promenade is our shop window, and we are competing with other classic resorts, such as Blackpool, Morecambe and Scarborough. I appreciate that the wind blows sand over the benches, but it can’t just be left there. Also, the promenade is a cycle path, and the sand is a potential hazard.”

A member of Sefton Council responsible for the beach said: “Unfortunately the strength of the wind and impact of windblown sand do impact on the benches along the promenade in Southport. However we make every effort to maintain and clear the benches as frequently as we can with the resources currently available. Windy conditions have made it difficult keeping the promenade clear but we are aware of the problem.”


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