3 Exceptional Doggy Daycare Options in Paddington, London

13th July 2023

Paddington, a vibrant area of London, is best known for its iconic station and beloved bear and its splendid services to dog owners. This bustling neighbourhood combines the city’s fast-paced spirit with an underlying love for pets, creating the perfect environment for top-quality doggy daycare facilities.


With that in mind, whether you are an avid worker, a busy parent, or simply someone who wants their dog to have the best care during the day, the services of Doggy Daycare Paddington are tailored to meet every pet owner’s needs.


Highlighting the 3 Leading Doggy Daycare Services in Paddington

  • 84 Acres Canine Country Club

84 Acres Canine Country Club is the epitome of luxury and care, providing an extraordinary environment for your pet. Offering a one-of-a-kind manor location, this doggy daycare ensures an engaging, safe and enjoyable day for your dog while you attend to your day-to-day commitments. Meanwhile, the club proudly positions itself as a premium daycare, with pricing below market average – starting at £35 per day for any number of days in a week.


Along with a convenient pet shuttle service, 84 Acres maintains a fully licenced establishment, ensuring the highest possible standards of care. And unlike most of their competitors, they go the extra mile by providing each dog with its own individual crate, ensuring comfort during their journey.

  • Bow Wow House

For those seeking a more homely environment for their pet, Bow Wow House in Paddington is an excellent choice. Known for its inviting ambience, this daycare creates a cosy and warm atmosphere that makes dogs feel comfortable and cherished. They have a highly trained team that is always on hand to provide attention, play, and care to each pet. A wide range of activities is designed to cater to all dog personalities, from the playful pup to the laid-back hound. They encourage socialisation, allowing dogs to interact with one another under careful supervision and promoting positive behaviour. Their facility is safe, secure and well-equipped, ensuring your pet’s day is filled with fun and joy.

  • LondonWoof

Positioned just a stone’s throw away from Paddington station, LondonWoof takes pride in its exceptional doggy daycare services. The team at LondonWoof understands that every dog is unique, with its own set of needs and behaviours. Therefore, they offer tailored care plans that fit each dog’s personality and preferences. Their daycare is a safe haven where pets can play, learn, and rest under professional supervision. They have a spacious indoor play area with a variety of toys and games to keep your pet engaged. 


On the other hand, for dogs that require a little quiet time, LondonWoof has a comfortable resting area where dogs can relax and recuperate. Therefore, in short, LondonWoof is more than just a daycare – it is a community for dogs to experience socialisation and enrichment in a caring and professional environment.

The Bottom Line

In summary, Paddington is a goldmine of top-notch doggy daycares. Regardless of your dog’s temperament or your specific needs, these daycares promise to deliver quality care that exceeds expectations. Hence, whether you need the service daily or a few days a week, these centres in Paddington have got you covered. Rest assured, your canine companion is in safe, professional hands, making your decision to use doggy daycare a choice you will not regret.


A happy dog equals a happy owner. Make that wise choice today!