2021 Meet The Candidates – Thomas de Freitas

My name’s Thomas de Freitas, and I’m the Conservative Party candidate in Meols ward.

I work as a caseworker in the town centre, helping local residents and businesses with issues ranging from housing, welfare, immigration, pensions, social care, and Covid-19. My job is to help people – and I want to continue to do so as a local councillor.

I grew up in the area, and have seen how much Southport has changed. I want to do my bit to see Crossens, Churchtown, and Marshside get the investment and attention we deserve, which unfortunately has been lacking whilst we’ve had three Lib Dem councillors and a Labour dominated Council.

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We need to get the basics right – roads should retarmacked and repainted, we need a proper review into Sefton’s planning processes, we need to put an end to flooding across Crossens and Churchtown, and invest in our green spaces – the Botanic Gardens in particular.

I also want to work with our MP Damien Moore to support larger campaigns such as the re-instatement of the Burscough Curves, which would be a fantastic addition to our recently-secured £37.5 million town deal.

I hope that residents decide to vote for something different this time around. More of the same just isn’t going to cut it – having some healthy competition between councillors (two Lib Dems and a Conservative) will only benefit the area.

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