1st hole-in-one for Southport golfer Lee Whitehead

Southport golfer Lee Whitehead made his 1st hole in one this afternoon (Tuesday 30th September 2014) on the 18th hole at Southport Municipal Golf Club.

He used a driver on the 18th hole  par 4 (284 yards off the white tee).  Lee said “As soon as I hit the ball I knew I had a chance of making an ace” I watched it drop in the hole from the tee.   

There’s a tradition in golf that whenever a player records a hole-in-one, he or she is expected to buy a round of drinks for all the other golfers.

On this occasion Lee had to buy a round of drinks for a few fellow golfers, which ended up costing him a small fortune!

But most of his colleagues would gladly fork over that kind of money just to celebrate making a hole-in-one.

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