12 year-old Southport boy forced into hiding by gun-wielding men in clown masks

A twelve year Southport boy who sparked a frantic missing person appeal this week says he was too scared to go home because gun wielding men dressed as clowns chased him through the streets.

Liam Wright went missing from the resort on Sunday October 8 shortly after 5pm with his worried mum posting a social media plea in a bid to try and find him to bring him home safe.

He was later found on Monday afternoon (October 9) by police officers at one of his friends houses.

But the real reason why he went missing has left people in the resort panicking – after he claimed he was forced into hiding by gun-wielding men in clown masks.

Liam told detectives that the real reason for his sudden disappearance is because he was chased through the streets of Southport by two men wearing clown masks and allegedly brandishing a gun at him.

The terrified child then sought refuge at a friends house because he was too scared to go home.

The incident came just days after Liam’s sister was also ‘chased home’ by clowns and was too scared to return to school on Monday.

A current Halloween related craze of people dressing up as clowns to scare people, which started in America, has swept through the UK in recent weeks – however there has been no photo evidence or confirmed sightings reported to Merseyside Police.

Liam’s mum Wendy Wright said she had been left exhastperated by the actions of the unknown assailants.

She said: “Liam went into hiding because he was chased at and shot at by clowns.

“He was too scared to come home so he hid away with a friend.

“I can’t tell you how sick I feel and what’s been going through my head but he is safe!

“My daughter was chased home by these stupid clowns the other day as well and I can’t understand why they are doing this!

“I couldn’t evn get her to go school because she’s that scared.”


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