1000 Southport residents have received first dose of coronavirus vaccine

A landmark milestone has been reached in Southport’s fight against the coronavirus.

As of today the 1000th resident in the town has received the first dose of Covid-19 vaccination.

Currently 1009 jabs have been administered and a further thousand boosters will be given in the coming weeks.

The milestone news has been warmly welcomed with Southport councillor Carran Waterfield but she was quick to calm excitement by warning that there is still some way to go.

She said “All residents aged 80 and above in Southport will receive vaccines in time and as quickly as possible.

“The names of patients of that age will be filtered through to the PCN, who will call them to a central place for vaccination.

“It has taken time to find locations that will be large and safe enough enough to deliver the next wave of vaccines (Oxford-Astrazeneca). People will be called for vaccination.

“Residents are asked to wait to be called. The administration of the vaccine has been logistically challenging.

“The CCG said it would work harder at distributing public information with regard to the vaccine. The full meeting minutes will be available on the council website soon.”