10 Unexpected Venues To Host a Conference

30th May 2022

Impress attendees with your next conference venue and inspire creative thinking. Hosting your event in an exciting place can boost registration numbers and keep everyone engaged. Attendees could be more likely to stay at the venue and network effectively. Think outside the box and expand your options beyond urban convention centers or airport hotels. Surprise attendees with one of these unexpected venues at your next event.

  1. Ship

Host your event on the water. Your floating conference can make use of dining rooms, theaters, business centers, and other entertainment spaces on a large ship. Look into Bermuda cruises for sunny itineraries that launch from the United States. Cruise ships can have a large capacity and cover all accessibility or dietary needs for hundreds of attendees.

  1. Outdoor Festival

Make it a field day. Set up several large custom printed tents in an event field and host your own convention festival. This is a fun way to create flexible outdoor rooms and bring in speakers. Hire a band or DJ for evening entertainment. You may plan a one-day convention or shuttle attendees from nearby accommodations.

  1. Art Gallery

Galleries and museums can be beautiful and spacious venues for a variety of occasions. Rent out an entire art gallery building to set a prestigious tone for your convention. Breakout rooms may be defined by painting styles and long atriums or halls turn into evening banquets. Offer special themed tours that connect to your event’s agenda.

  1. Theater

A historic theater can provide all of the space and ambiance that your event requires. Well-lit stages and acoustics are perfect for lauded industry voices. Close your convention with a performance by local musicians as an incentive for attendees to stay engaged through the end of their time together.

  1. Summer Camp

Lakeside summer camps can be rented out entirely for convention weekends. Encourage attendees to relax and draw upon the creativity of their inner child. Schedule games and other activities around professional development talks. Punctuate the weekend with a bonfire evening.

  1. Amusement Park

Roller coasters and waterslides are not just for kids. Many amusement parks are equipped with indoor event spaces for celebrations and conventions. Rent out the rides for a private afternoon or evening. Shared activities in the park can be great icebreakers. A special convention rate at affiliated hotels may be available.

  1. Aquarium

Large aquariums often rent out event space and open exhibits for private evenings. Reserve all or part of the aquarium for a weekend and schedule guided tours after speakers. Spacious entry halls can hold tables for a formal opening dinner. Create a highlight with an interactive dolphin show.

  1. Sports Stadium

Hit it out of the park at your sports stadium convention space. Offer catered concessions and schedule tours of pro locker rooms. Discuss breakout topics in private boxes and listen to a keynote speaker on the field. Photo opportunities with the hometown team’s mascot can add a whimsical touch.

  1. Airplane Hangar

Rather than hosting your convention at the airport hotel dining room, use an actual airplane hangar. Small local airports or private companies may rent out their hangars as event spaces. The large space and high ceiling can prompt attendees to think big. A hangar can be divided into smaller zones for activities. Consider having a successful pilot or air and space celebrity as your featured speaker.

  1. Castle

Shift from aviation to a fairytale dream. European castles can be rented from private families and companies. Stay in a castle that has been converted into a hotel and event space. Use the entire grounds and hold an opening banquet in a large garden tent. The stately environment can be an amazing setting for respected industry speakers.

Shake up preconceived notions about professional conference spaces and set the stage for positive change. Your convention could bring together new collaborators and inspire fresh thoughts that move the world forward.