10 Reasons to Start Playing Golf in College 

13th October 2020

Many students strive to go in for sports while studying for various reasons. However, it may happen that your physical condition or health doesn’t allow you to play basketball or American football, for example. You can try to play golf, but you are unsure whether it is worth giving it a try. It doesn’t look serious and usually associated with adult wealthy men who discuss their business while playing. And it seems you don’t fit into this picture. So, what are the reasons to try your hand at playing golf in college?

  1. Playing in the open air

The nature of golf requires players to spend extended periods in the fresh air. Researches have shown that when green spaces surround you, it helps relax the nervous system and reduce anxiety. Thus, you will stop suffering from many health issues connected with an exhausted mental state. You will become calmer and start using strategic thinking when necessary. For instance, you understand that you cannot meet a deadline with your assignments. Instead of having panic attacks, you will turn to the essay writing help service to get your papers done on time. Besides, sunlight provides your body with vitamin D, lowering the risk of getting depressed.

  1. Social aspect

One of the tricks of golf is communication. During the game itself, which can last for several hours and during rest, golfers have an excellent opportunity to get to know new players better. Thus, if you are new to college and want to become a part of a community, golf can become your safety ring. It creates a pleasant and unobtrusive atmosphere, and helps establish new useful contacts. And we all know that pleasant communication and new emotions have a beneficial effect on a person’s psychological health. Golf has various leagues and tournaments that are aimed at socializing and having fun.

  1. Staying fit

Many people underestimate the physical load they can get playing golf. But do you know what golf is about? The playground size occupies from 30 to 200 acres of land, and if you do not take a golf cart, you can walk 5 to 7 km per day. Thus, if you don’t slack off, but actively play and personally carry your clubs, then you can burn up to 1000 calories! So, if you watch your diet and practice all the time, you will stay fit. There is no need to live in a gym and torture yourself with constant workouts if you play golf. And you don’t need to stay overwhelmed with assignments if you turn to a looking for someone who can write essay for you


  1. Lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease

Playing golf gives a small amount of quality stress on your heart. Thus, your heart starts beating faster while walking, golfing, and hitting. This ultimately lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and the level of “bad” cholesterol. And since students like to eat junk food, playing golf may help regulate the situation.

  1. Improving brain function

When your heart starts beating faster, blood flow to the brain will increase, which stimulates nerve endings. This prevents the development of many mental illnesses in the long run. By competing with other players, golfers challenge themselves and develop the will — this type of self-challenge increases self-worth. The mental activity associated with scoring and optimizing strategy develops your critical and logical thinking. In the future, you may be able to reject using such services as speedy paper.

  1. College scholarships

It is no secret many students go in for sports in college only for the sake of funding, and golfers have many attractive opportunities in this regard. If you have advanced skills in golfing, you may gain access to scholarship money. And it’s already a great reason by itself to start playing golf in college.

  1. Improving sight

One should have a good sight to see a small ball far away from the player. Golfers learn to focus their eyesight on a small target over great distances, and before hitting, players can assess their visual acuity.

  1. Low chances of getting injuries

Golf is a slow game compared to other sports. You have fewer chances of getting injuries because the sport itself is non-contact. Even though golf is about strategy, coordination, and accuracy, when walking, hitting, and turning, the player has sufficient physical activity. Therefore, they keep their bodies strong.

  1. Improving sleep

Since golfers have enough physical activity during the game, they don’t have sleep issues and get required and deserved recharge. Golfers fall asleep faster, and deep sleep lasts longer because of the high energy expended during the daytime. As we know, deep sleep is necessary for the body to regenerate cells, repair muscles and tissues. And if you cannot fall asleep because of numerous assignments, just study the EssaysWebsites’ review to handle it. You can also visit sleepauthorities.com to learn more tips on how to improve your sleep.


  1. Reducing stress

Golf helps relieve stress. Being outdoors with interesting people who share your passion for the game, you instantly forget about any troubles. The pleasure of walking in the fresh air, hanging out with friends, and active play release endorphins in the body, which help improve mood and overall relaxation.