Yoga Infusion (Southport) ****SEASONAL OFFER****

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Yoga Infusion (Southport) ****SEASONAL OFFER****
Yoga Infusion is Southport’s first full time Yoga studio.


Throughout the rest of April pick up your discount card after your class and receive 20% off your next individual class!

(Valid until the end of July 2014)
(Discount given upon production of discount card)

A little thank you to all our yogis

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Aids detoxification in the body due to the high level of heat during the class thus promoting an extremely high sweat rate. Great for flushing toxins and impurities from the body that normally accumulate from day to day life & cleansing the skin, particularly pores in the face. During a one
hour class its possible to lose from three to six kg (8lb to one stone) with this in mind its extremely important to hydrate yourself properly before, throughout and especially after the class has finished.

Increased flexibility, muscles and connective tissue becomes softer and much more pliable

Premiership Footballer Ryan Giggs, Elite Mixed Martial Artist Jonny Hendricks& Tennis Ace Andy Murray have all been quoted stating the benefits of Hot Yoga in the media, so if its good enough for them why not try it for yourself !

ots-yoga infusion southport ots onthespot ots


Unit 6
The Shakespeare Centre
Shakespeare Street

Telephone: 07856043206


Email: [email protected]

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