YES our country is overcrowded

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YES our country is overcrowded

England has overtaken the Netherlands to become second only to mino Malta as the most densely populated nation in the European Union.   Four times as many people will soon be crammed in as France and twice as many as Germany and over the next 30 years the gap will widen because Germany, France and Holland will either decline or grow only slowly.   The House of Commons figures are based on data from the UK and EU statistical agencies.

The House of Commons report says the number of people living in every square kilometre in England will rise from 411 now to 419 in 2015, to 433 in 2020 and to 460 in 2030.   By 2046, 494 people will be living in each square kilometre.   The equivalent figure for France will be just 115, for Germany 204 and the Netherlands 421.   The research raises concerns about how the UK’s infrastructure can cope with the increased pressure on schools, hospitals and roads.

The Office for National Statistics has already warned that Britain must make room for almost 10M more people over the next quarter of a centry – the equivalent of building a city even larger than London.   The increase, mainly a result of immigration and high migrant birthrates, will push numbers to 73.3M by 2037.

A Home Office spokesman said: “Immigration has brought benefits to the UK and we welcome people who want to come here to contribute to our economy and society.   “However, it is important to control immigration because of its effect on social cohesion, our public services, and on jobs and wages.”

The figures for the rest of the UK in 2015 are predicted to be: Scotland 40 per square kilometre, Wales 258 and Northern Ireland 131.

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