Woodvale Woodland (Southport) more evidence of drug heads

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Woodvale Woodland – more evidence of drug heads ..
April 2014 update
We previously reported on drug abuse in the Woodvale woodland. The violence that followed later was ‘not’ entirely unexpected.
Of course the drug issue itself will always be a contentious one.
Our prime concern is, like the one shared by the police, related to the antisocial and criminal gang activity that can accompany such drug misuse. 
When a young man is attacked by drug heads whilst walking his dog it is time to challenge matters seriously!
 The Southport media ‘promised’ to report all this but did ‘not’ do so, due to mysterious reasons! Previously the media have been happy to report on positive aspects of the WWP scene; yet they have persistently ignored ALL unwarranted official actions against the volunteer team that can be backed up with suitable evidence. Why? 
 However, more drugs packets were discovered this morning (14 April 2014) at the site of a path bench previously erected ‘before’ WWP members were banned…
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