Woodvale Chess Club “Chess Jamboree”

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Woodvale Chess Club “Chess Jamboree”    Woodvale Chess Rapidplay   Sunday 19th August 2012

We are Holding a  Jamboree of chess clubs rapid play event

During the summer holiday period and in time for the winter league season

(teams of five players) with a total grade of 700 points or under

(teams of four players) with a total grade of 500 points or under

Teams From Merseyside- Lancashire- Wirral  or  Warrington  Areas

Each player has 30min. to complete all moves

Competing Players

Ungraded players & Default boards to count as 100 points

both long or rapid play grades on the E.C F January 2012 grading list will be used

Players can be borrowed from other clubs

To make a team/teams — No problem

More info please visit www.joeschesscorner.com

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