Wikipedia ‘not a reliable source’ of health advice

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Wikipedia ‘not a reliable source’ of health advice

“Don’t use Wikipedia for medical advice,” warns The Independent after a survey found factual errors in 9 out of 10 articles about the 10 most common medical conditions.

This story is based on a study that assessed the information in Wikipedia articles on 10 common conditions, including depression, back pain and high blood pressure.

Two researchers compared the information in each article against the peer-reviewed published literature to see if they agreed. They found that there was information that did not agree with the peer-reviewed sources in nine of the articles.

Wikipedia is a crowd-sourced information website that anyone can contribute to and edit. While the website is one of the most widely used resources online, it is vulnerable to abuse and inaccuracies.

But the study only assessed 10 articles and this may not be representative of all of the site’s content. Other studies have found that Wikipedia showed good agreement with peer-reviewed sources.

The most important thing to take from this study is the need for caution when using the internet for medical information. A well-sourced and reliable article on Wikipedia (or elsewhere) will provide footnotes and links to secondary peer-reviewed sources, allowing you to confirm the accuracy of the content.

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