What Southport needs

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What Southport needs

Club Monroe is new to Southport and found the town is withering.

Owner of Club Monroe, Eric said:

“Lots of business are closing. Shops offer huge discount and vacant premises are all around.   It is a nice cosy posh town, the little Paris and we don’t see the reason why it is lapsing behind other towns and like Blackpool or the city of Liverpool.

We need to promote the town as a better choice compared to the other places.

An apology goes to Havin Turkish Restaurant regarding miss information placed on OTS News. The restaurant is thriving and open for business as usual.

Please call Havin Turkish Restaurant on 01704 547575 to book a table. Visit www.havinrestaurant.co.uk

We found rarely any club in the town operate 7 nights a week and bravely we are leading the trade and are opening everyday from 9 o’clock till late.   There are lots of people staying in hotels in the nearby vicinity and every weekday the town centre is dead with no one walking around shortly after dark.

Where are all the visitors going whilst we understand all hotels have a high occupancy rate?

Are they all staying in and confine themselves in their hotel rooms watching TV etc, bored to death or have to drive all the way around out of Southport in order to find a decent place to spend a night out?   We budge the trend, after closing a few weeks because of the stormy weather condition, we are now opening every day welcome any visitor to come into our venue.

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Someone needs to be one of the rare few to lead the group to survive and to be success and flourish.   People can spend a good nice out, for stag partying and other late night evening activities.

We are now repainting our shop front after it attracted a lot of attention; the panther pink serves its purpose good.   Hopefully we will help the rest of the businesses here in the town to sustain their business until later the BIDs phase in, hopefully it will work for the town and for all of us.

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