WARNING Lead Poisoning Dust Marine Lake & Kings Gardens Southport

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WARNING Lead Poisoning Dust Marine Lake & Kings Gardens Southport

OTS News.co.uk understands that parts of Kings Gardens and Marine Lake in Southport may have been covered in lead poisoning dust after a number of Victorian lampposts were sandblasted on Marine Bridge as part of the Kings Gardens Restoration programme.

The suspected contamination happened after the removal of lead-based paint from six bridge Victorian lampposts.

The area including the lake may now be contaminated with lead poison dust. An investigation is underway.

Ninty five percent of the Victorian lampposts in Kings Gardens were removed from site and sandblasted in a safe enviroment before being returned to the site ready for painting.

Health Hazard

Lead exposure can be harmful to individuals of all ages. However, lead exposure is especially damaging to children, fetuses, and women of childbearing age.

The effects of lead poisoning may occur gradually and imperceptibly, often showing no obvious symptoms. Common symptoms of lead poisoning include loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, difficulty in sleeping,fatigue, moodiness, headache, joint or muscle aches, anemia, and effects on male and femalereproductive systems. Lead exposure has been associated with learning disabilities, growth impairment, permanent hearing and visual impairment, and other damage to the brain and nervous system.

Lead poisoning may occur when workers inhale or ingest lead dust and fumes during abrasive blasting, sanding, cutting, burning, or welding of surfaces coated with lead containing paints.

Exposure can occur by inhaling the fine dust or by ingesting paint dust during hand-to-mouth activities.

Lead from exterior paint can flake and contaminate the soil.


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