WARNING car theft increases on icy mornings

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WARNING car theft increases on icy mornings

With freezing temperatures forecast for this week, police are reminding residents that a cold snap is quickly followed by a rise in ‘frost jacking’, which sees thieves make off with cars that have been left to de-ice on the drive, complete with the keys in the ignition and the engine running.

Thieves are opportunists and look out for cars on frosty mornings, shopping around for the most popular makes and models, as temperatures start to drop.   Modern cars use in-built security that makes it more difficult to steal them without the keys, so every year thieves exploit the cold snap to target car owners who take the risk on frosty mornings.

•Never leave the keys in the ignition, even if you are just stopping quickly.

•Never leave your car running unattended when de-icing.

•Always lock and secure your vehicle.

•Don’t leave belongings on show, lock them in the boot or take them with you

•Do not leave technology items on display, such as sat navs, mobile telephones or DVD players. Take them with you or lock them in the boot.

•Never leave car documents or spare keys inside the car – this only makes it easier for thieves to sell it on.

•Keep doors locked and windows up when driving.

•Park in busy or well-lit and attended car parks near CCTV cameras.

•If you have a garage, use it to park your car. •At home, don’t keep keys in a place where they can be seen or accessed from outside.

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