Voters send ultimatum to the Council over New Cut Lane Building plans (Southport)

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Voters send ultimatum to the Council

Local resident action groups across West Lancashire including Burscough, Halsall and Aughton want to send a very clear message to their WLB local councillors’ who will be voting  on the adoption of the ‘Local Plan’ at next week full council meeting.  Refuse to support the people who elected you and you can expect the same from them when election time comes around!

All of the action groups who have been protesting and lobbying hard against what they believe to be ill-thought out development, feel their councillors are not representing the views of the people who elected them. A spokesperson for Halsall action group RAP said. “We will all be watching very carefully how they vote next week. We sincerely hope our councillor’s realises they still have the opportunity to regain their integrity and the trust of the electorate by doing do the right thing and supporting us”.  If not then they should seriously consider a career change.  A spokesperson from the Burscough Action Group BAG added. ”We have been treated with completed contempt by this Conservative Council Cabinet, and we expect our local Councillors to stand up to them, abstaining from voting will not be acceptable. The people of Burscough have previously demonstrated how people power can remove local politicians.”

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Without exception all of the action groups firmly believe this situation has been brought about by members of what they believe to be an undemocratic Conservative Council Cabinet, who decided to remove a Strategic A site at Alty’s Lane in Ormskirk from the initial Local plan without any consultation with voters, only with developers, which is why the massive release of farmland at Burscough Yew Tree Farm became automatic and the sites that were previously designated as Plan B sites in Burscough, Halsall and Aughton were brought forward to be removed from Greenbelt status.

Spokespersons from all action groups added “We have an important message for the voters in Parbold who are about to vote for a new councillor. Think very carefully about who you elect, do they have the backbone to put the views of the local community that they represent above what their party dictates?”

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