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The Hogfather Motorcycles would again like to thanks the literally 100’s of parents, teachers, kids and general members of the public who have offered their best wishes and the names of the 3 perpetrators of the incident causing dame to motorcycles and quads etc. on Saturday 21/09/13.

The parents of one youth came forward, last Monday morning and clearly very upset that their boy was part of the incident, after he had finished school they brought their son to also apologise.  However disappointingly, the police had to go knocking on doors to discuss the incident with the other parent(s) / guardians – none of which to date have come forward with any form of apology?

All parent(s) guardians agreed to cover the excess of the insurance, which itself not insignificant and in these hard times, could have been better saved by the parent(s) / guardians, not least of all valuable Police time saved too. The Police are dealing with the 3 offenders under a warning scheme part of which the parent(s) guardians are to visit The Hogfather Motorcycles in order to apologise, then with son take part in re-education within the Police station premises.

Once again, the staff and the management at The Hogfather Motorcycles thank all those who came forward with names and information and hope this is a warning to all would be offenders, that the good people of Southport and surrounding areas are vigilant in an effort to eradicate crime regardless of age, so think before you act.

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