Unusual “Spicy Goat Roast” for Southport businessman Matt Naylor

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Southport businessman Matt Naylor, who travels the North West servicing computer networks was treated to an unusual New Years Feast on arrival today at a clients in Bolton.

The businessman who is well known in the area for his unusual culinary tastes was taken aback at the “Spicy Goat Roast” which consisted of an entire roasted goat from head to toe, resting on a bed of rice and garnished with tomatoes.

The feast was also accompanied by a buffet of starters, also of unusual dishes.

Not being afraid of trying new dishes, Matt Naylor took a slice of the cooked beast, and “rammed” some of the meat on his plate.

When he phoned home to tell his family and friends of the feast, they thought he was “kidding”.

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