UKIP Tory man gives up

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Hampshire Yacht salesman and London photographer Brian Duckett, self-appointed Tory-UKIP-Tory candidate for Southport who, for the past year, has run a Facebook site entitled:  “Brian Duckett – Conservative for Southport 2015″, has decided he’s had enough. On his Facebook site today he declares:

“After much deliberation, I have removed myself from the ‘List’ will will not be standing as a candidate in 2015. I believe that Conservative HQ has badly mis-managed the selection process and I understand that Southport will not have a candidate in place until at least October.

Whilst this may be fine for a safe seat, the very short ‘run up’ period of 7 months is wholly inadequate to be able to run a meaningful campaign. It’s a shame – Southport was a winnable seat and I cannot understand HQ’s rationale in delaying selection when at least one suitable and willing candidate was waiting in the wings and raring to go.”

Could he be heading back to UKIP?

Pictured above is Brian Duckett (left)

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8 Responses to “UKIP Tory man gives up”

  1. Right Said Fred

    I would imagine the Tories are over the moon at this decision. Talk about a massive, totally unwarranted ego…

  2. riceandpeas

    Shame. I would have enjoyed not voting for him considerably more than I will enjoy not voting for whatever nonentity they eventually appoint…!

  3. Kingy

    “Master baker? ”

    Would the Southport Tories be so stupid to risk it all of him when he has made such a cock up of Ainsdale and beyond?

    Maybe best not to answer that one, lol

  4. ticktick

    Libdems and Pugh must be laughing their fu****** ng socks off at Duckett’s wonderful level of commitment to the party.

    as for big time election loser Tel boy, first you would have to find him. I hear that residents has been seeking him here and seeking him there since he got his a**e booted at the polls with no luck. maybe hes gone off on Mediterranian hols with his mate sangria super teddy boy ?

    Town hall is so lonely without them I bet

    great work if you can get it, but stuff the taxpayers who vote in such plonkers.

  5. Sandy

    Maybe Robocop will be the next parliamentary candidate? Or the nursing home lad’s dad will buy the candidacy for him?

  6. Kingy

    So all that noble big talk of his great commitment and devotion to the Conservatives and the town means absolutely nothing?

    But will UPIK have him back again after all this?

    Pathetic man!

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