Turning the Burscough Curves Red Light to Green

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OPSTA challenges the West Lancs Transport Masterplan

Turning the Burscough Curves Red Light to Green

The consultation period for the draft Highways and Transport Masterplan for West Lancs closes on 7th Feb which includes a recommendation that re-instatement of the Burscough Curves “are not pursued due to lack of a business case”.

OPSTA has been working with and lobbying local councillors and the MPs for both Sefton and West Lancs to get this changed to a positive recommendation that it should be looked at as part of the ongoing rail development plans.

However, OPSTA believes reinstatement of the South West curve can be justified with a strong Benefit Cost Ratio if the benefits for Sefton and West Lancs are combined. Consequently we have produced a full response to the consultation which includes a summary of the reasons why it is vital to the sustainable Economic Development and social cohesion/ mobility of the region.

Furthermore, your readers have a chance to change the mind of the authorities by completing Lancashire County Council’s short survey (found on their website or in libraries) – question 4 asks whether the individual strongly disagrees with the recommendation ‘not to pursue the curves’.

Photo by Bernard Mills www.therailwaycentre.com

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