THV Patricia lay buoy at site of SS Zealandia wreckage off Southport coast

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THV Patricia lay buoy at the site of  SS Zealandia wreckage off Southport coast

The THV Patricia was seen about a mile out to sea from Southport coast this morning (Monday 2nd December 2013).

Crew members was laying a buoy at the site of the SS Zealandia wreckage.

PATRICIA is Owned by Trinity House Multi Functional Tender (MFT)

PATRICIA works around the coast of England, Wales and the Channel Islands undertaking aid to navigation maintenance work, towing, wreck location and marking amongst other projects.

At 86m long, PATRICIA has accommodation for an additional 12 people and benefits from a helicopter-landing pad. With a 20 tonne main crane capacity and 28 tonne bollard pull and towing winch, she is also survey capable. Available 24/7, PATRICIA is available for a wide range of projects including:

•aids to navigation deployment maintenance, repair and examination

•research platforms for deployment and recovery of scientific equipment

•sampling projects

•marine hazard search and marking

•lifting, towing and accurate positioning of marine equipment

•recovery and re-establishment of off-station aids to navigation

•sea trials of electronic and speciality equipment  •helicopter support

•safety boat assignments

•guard duties for cable and pipe laying projects

Photograph above courtesy of Trinity House.

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