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The Tories certainly know how to kick people when they are down!

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The Tories certainly know how to kick people when they are down!

UNISON warning over Chancellor’s spending cuts

UNISON General Secretary, Dave Prentis, said:   “The Tories certainly know how to kick people when they are down.

Chancellor Osborne and the rest of this Tory/LibDem Government are just like a broken record.  Their one stated aim is to pay down the deficit.

Their one policy is to cut public spending and in the process hit the weak, the sick and the vulnerable.   “The fact that it isn’t working doesn’t seem to matter.

Recovery is glacial, unemployment is high, wages are falling and prices are rising.   “These policies are pushing people to the brink of despair.  And now these uncompassionate Conservatives pile on even more pressure, despite the evidence, despite thepain.

Economics has nothing to do with it, Osborne’s latest dire cuts plans are all to do with Conservative dogma.”

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5 Responses to “The Tories certainly know how to kick people when they are down!”

  1. toothache

    . . . . . and Labour under Blair and Brown, taking the country to rock bottom, almost to bankruptcy, has nothing at all to do with it I suppose? Do you really think that one party is all bad and the other lily white? If you do then you need a brain transplant.

    • Field Marshall Sir Hugh Jampton

      So for MOST of the Labour years from 97 the economy was fine. then the greedy avaricious Bankers decided to bring the WORLD to it’s knees and are YOU mr/mrs Toothache telling me that these worthless scum bag bankers voted Labour. If you do you are thicker than King Dick the biggest thickes Spanner you can get. If you like I’m allright Jack Politics i hope you can live with yourself. Vindictive BAS*ARDS..

  2. tom

    You could go even further back to the last tory government , they did a lot for themselves and bugger all for the country infact the tory legacies are still affecting us today , not to mention a decade of fingers in the till for expenses non of the mainstream parties actually care about the people, they just do their best to scam them come election time

  3. billyd

    They are all the same every single one of them taking the piss out of the tax payers and voters. John Pugh MP is a typical example here in Southport.

  4. spanner

    thieving robbing rotten bastar ds the lot of them scumbags .