The Royal British Legion, Byng House to Create a Garden of Remembrance in Commemoration of the First World War

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The Royal British Legion, Byng House to Create a Garden of Remembrance in Commemoration of the First World War

The Royal British Legion, Byng House has launched one of many events for the commemoration of the First World War; a garden of remembrance.

Byng House is offering the local community the opportunity to help them create their garden of remembrance by means of buying packets of poppy seeds from their Reception desk to scatter in their front garden, in the hopes that the flowers when bloomed will leave a lasting tribute to those who served in World War One. Byng House will also have a Commemorative Book of Thoughts for anyone to write a lasting message.

Poppy Seeds are at the suggested donation price of £3 and are available to purchase from 9am until 4pm, Monday-Friday, from the Byng House Reception. This money will go towards supporting Byng House and the Poppy Breaks that it offers to all serving and non-serving Armed Forces communities, including many who have fought in both the First and Second World War as well as those who have been in conflict in Iraq & Afghanistan. It will also help support the Poppy Breaks offered to those who have lost their spouse in conflict or are bereaving from the loss of their spouse.

Jason Carroll, Manager of Byng House said: “World War One was often called The Great War and is often remembered for the phrase ‘The War to end all Wars’. Knowing now just how devastating World War One was gives us cause not to celebrate the Centenary, but to commemorate the lives of those who served in the First World War. 

We are asking everyone to support this event to remember those who served in 1914 and those who are serving in the British Armed Forces now by planting their Poppy Seeds at the front of Byng House to create a garden display that will be tribute to all of our service men and women. We ask that anyone wanting to leave a message also to sign our Commemorative Book of Thoughts which will be kept at Byng House.”

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