The Day I met Charlie ‘Killer’ Seiga here in the middle of Southport

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 The Day I met Charlie ‘Killer’ Seiga here in the middle of Southport

I had heard that Charlie ‘Killer’ Seiga, the true crime author was coming to Southport.  I had heard his name mentioned many times and heard lots of stories about him; some good, some not so good.  I did hear though that he was a man of his word and what you see and hear from him is what you get.  In the interview he insisted that he didn’t want to be portrayed as a hard man, which I promised him I wouldn’t do.  I will only speak as I find.

Charlie ‘Killer’ Seiga is a man who has done a lot of things in his life, and always, for a good reason… in his eyes.  The way I see it he is no angel, then again he is no devil either which I discovered later on during the interview.

Charlie was doing a book signing in Waterstones when I first clapped eyes on him and I asked if he would be interested in doing an interview with me.  He agreed with this so long as it was somewhere quiet.  I suggested The Royal Clifton Hotel on the promenade; it’s fairly quiet in there.

So, a few hours later I went off to meet him feeling a little apprehensive but I needn’t have worried; as after shaking his hand I found that he put me right at ease and made me feel very comfortable.

He had insisted we meet in a nice quiet place but as I walked through the foyer I could hear music resonating from the lounge; which was where we were to meet.  The music was from the grand piano being played. There were few of the residence sitting comfortably as they enjoyed the entertainment on this quiet, bright, summer’s day.

I was greeted as I stepped into the lounge by Karen, his P.A. and girlfriend.  She had been accompanying him in Waterstones when I had met him earlier on.  As she shook my hand and greeted me warmly I gave her a quizzical look and glanced around the room wondering where he was.  She smiled and pointed to the grand piano set in the bay window, where this beautiful music was being played by the pianist.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  Here is Charlie ‘Killer’ Seiga with the reputation of once being one of the most dangerous men in Britain; a man who had been accused of murder, bank raids and armed robberies and many other hard hitting crimes; sitting at a grand piano playing lovely, soft, classical music with an audience gathered around the room.  He looked up at me as I approached him and immediately changed the tone of the music; he began to belt out a real, blues, rock and roll song; ‘Blue Berry Hill’ by Fats Domino.  He smiled at me and to my surprise he started to sing the lyrics too.

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When he had finished he stood up to greet me and firmly shook my hand.  I knew then that this was no ordinary gangster!

I have read his books and in some parts they are spine chilling and violent but, having said that, he has followers and book fans all over the world, far and wide; a great many of them as far away as New York.

He supports many charities, in particular Victim Support, as the man hates with a vengeance women beaters and child abusers and feels passionately about supporting women and children who, through no fault of their own, fall victim to violence, rape and abuse at the hands of some sick, depraved men who think it’s okay to perpetrate such vile (and cowardly) acts.

I have to admit that on first meeting Seiga his appearance wasn’t quite what I had expected; you know, the archetypal tough guy, the way the ‘gangsters’ of today present themselves;    This man was different; he had an air of mystique about him.  He was of average build and smartly dressed.  He didn’t wear all kinds of jewellery or put up some tough guy front.  He was clean, well presented, mild mannered and he spoke in a soft, slightly accented voice.

He didn’t want to talk too much about his past crimes but what he did point out that grabbed my attention was, quote:  ‘did you know in this country they value money more than a child’s life?’

When I asked him why he went on to say; ‘If I was still at it (into crime), not that I am, and went out and robbed a large amount of cash from a bank then later on I came unstuck on that move and got arrested and charged, I wouldn’t see daylight again.  The judge would say you play for high stakes which warrant a high sentence, they are the infamous words always quoted for crimes which they deemed more serious than any other crime!

The sentence, I would receive could be anything from ten to fifteen years… or maybe longer at twenty years.  I mean, after all the Great Train Robbers got thirty years for stealing a large amount of cash.  However, if a paedophile was found guilty of one of these heinous, wicked crimes on a child, his sentence would be much lighter; in fact, so light that it has been known for some of them to walk free from court and be put on probation as long as they agreed to go for some sort of medical treatment… and you and I both know that there is no cure for those evil, filthy bastards!

So you see; money is valued higher than a child’s life or a woman’s dignity at being raped by some lowlife.  That, to me and I think a great many of the public, is not real justice.’  He paused for a moment after telling me this and he looked for my reaction before adding, ‘I know what justice I would dish out to those filthy beasts!’

It’s right what is said about Charlie ‘Killer’ Seiga; he tells it how it really was with no holds barred.

Now a successful true crime author; Charlie Seiga has his books; Killer (International bestseller), The Hyenas, Vigilante and Bad Boys Don’t Cry for sale on Amazon and iTunes as downloads and as physical books through good bookseller like Waterstones and many local independent shops as well as online through Amazon and eBay and all are available through Charlie’s own website:

Two of Seiga’s books have continued to sell strongly for a decade now and are the type of genre and stories that never date.  He does not use ghost writers or employ researchers; it is all his own work; straight from the man himself!

His new offering; The Jelly Gang is almost complete and will be available very soon.

So watch this space for more information………………..

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