Tax credits deadline 31st July 2013

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Tax credits deadline 31st July 2013

Tax credits claimants are being reminded that they have one month to renew their claims by the 31st July 2013 deadline or their payments could stop.

A spokesperson for the  Benefits & Credits, said: “We are asking claimants to renew early, to renew accurately and to renew on time.

The sooner they renew, the sooner we can check payments are correct, meaning we avoid paying too little, or too much money that they will then have to pay back.”

Tax credits renewal packs have been sent to about 5.8 million people since April.

Claimants are asked to act as soon as they receive a pack. Last year more than 80 per cent of claimants renewed by the deadline.

HMRC also asks claimants to check the accuracy of the information in the pack, and to inform the department about any changes to their circumstances that they haven’t already reported, such as to working hours, childcare costs or pay. They must, in addition, tell HMRC whether they are single or living with a partner.

HMRC might write to claimants about their claims and ask for further information and documents so that the department can check that the information provided is correct.

Having the right documents available will help reduce mistakes when claimants are filling out the form, or calling HMRC’s Tax Credits helpline.

These documents would be, for example, payslips, end of year P60 forms and childcare payment details.

Claimants can get help and information on tax credits renewals from:


· The Tax Credits helpline – 0345 300 3900

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