Photo: Looking through the gaps in the wall

Today OTSnews was invited under a Nevill Street business to see what is believed to be a bricks width away from discovering what Sefton Council never want us to see.

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IMG_7400Map courtesy of Paul Eric Davies


No entry to the underground Street of mystery under Southport Pier


Photo: No access under Southport Pier

Today OTSnews was invited under Southport Pier to silence the rumors of an entry point to an underground Street under existing Nevill street.

A Silcock leisure spokesperson said:

“Nevill Street was filled in when the subway shops were demolished in 1903”.


However, A number of Nevill Street shop owner’s we have spoken to this week know a someone who has ‘apparently’ been down and will assure us access in the near future.

To be continued…. 

Streets and mystery under Southport

Letter to the editor

Probably a lot of you already know about the street underneath Nevill Street. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on it?

When was the Old Nevill Street built over?

Why exactly did they build over (heard it was something to do with the sea), Why do they not open it up as a tourist attraction (it must be safe down there because if it wasn’t, then above Neville Street would be crumbling).

Also, Are there any other streets under Southport that are not as commonly known as Nevill Street and why are there no records of the rebuilding?

I’m just curious to how strange and bizarre Southport history has been and why would the council refuse an opportunity to add a very historical and worth while attraction to Southport by renovating and reopening the underground street(s)?

Thanks for reading!

Below are a few photographs that I have found.

ots-southport-vic-buidingPhoto: Victoria Baths Building above the subwayots-underpassPhoto:This is a picture from Southport Past showing the roadway to the sands from Neville Street in 1869.

ots-neville-street-Photo: This is the other side of Neville Street

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