Stop Sainsbury’s Building Mega Store In Southport Online Petition

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Petition by

Jack Reid 
United Kingdom

Petition creator Jack said ‘I know you might think I am a little crazy but please do sign the e-petition and share to all friends and family.

There is no addtional benefits that Sainbury’s will bring to Southport’

The reasons behind the petition are listed below:

Increase to public danger

Increase of car incidents

Increase in traffic

Increase in air pollution

Increase in bad health

Danger to protected animals

Invasion of our privacy in our own Homes

Subsidance to our Homes

No Potential For New Local Business

Adding addtional time to your journey’s to work

Squeeze of access for Ambulances (Traffic stand still increase time to attend scene)

Recycle plant that will just be like Tesco at Christmas, addtional rubbish, unattractive landscapes.

Disturbed sleep for our children, deliveries will start at 7am untill 11pm, increase in noise pollution

Petrol Station, harmful – adds addtional danger and risk. Smells increase pollution adding to global warming.

There is no addtional benefits that we as Southport are going to get from this, why is it needed and why to we have topbut our wildlife, homes and kids in addtional danger.

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