Southport’s Matt Naylor nominates Charlie Clapham For NekNominate

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Southport’s Charlie Clapham Nominated For NekNominate

The NekNomination in Southport continues to cause a stir.

The NekNomination which started in Australia has caused a huge stir on social media sites and has spread the globe.

Rachel Finch from Southport nominated her friend, Southport businessman Matt Naylor to do a NekNomination.

Many people from Southport have risked life and limbs for the challenge which have been well documented on, including diving in the Marine Lake, jumping into Hesketh Park Lake and somersaulting into the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

Matt Naylor told “I didn’t have the guts to do anything like that when I got nominated, I’m quite shy and a terrible swimmer”.

Matt Naylor, who doesn’t normally drink, ordered a bottle of Peroni beer from his favourite bar The Vincent on Lord Street.

He amazingly managed to down the whole bottle in a couple of seconds and then nominate several people to take on the task.

The video can be viewed on YouTube.

Matt Naylor nominated his wife, Sarah Naylor, spanner from, daveball from and Charlie Clapham from Southport Football Club

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