southport snooker presentation night


held at banks st stephen’s last night 9/05/14 before the presentation was the marshall singles final between chris hoare & rob johnson.
The winner of the Marshall Handicap Trophy is Mere Brows Rob Johnson after beating Chris Hoare 3-2 in a tight battle at this years Presentation Night. Both players did not give an inch to each other in trying to win this cup, and this showed with the first 4 frames all being decided on the colours. Chris took the first on the pink, only for Rob to take the next on the blue to leave Chris needing a snooker. Chris struggled to make any in roads into the 32 start Rob was receiving on the night for the 3rd frame until he made a 41 break to bring him back into it. He eventually came up short after some good safety play by Rob to close the 3rd frame out and lead 2-1. The 4th frame took a similar pattern to the earlier frames where safety was the first option, which is understandable given that your playing to win a trophy, but Chris never gave in. He fought well to take the final into the last frame by potting a superb near full length of the table black off the side rail to mean it was a one frame shoot out.

Both players potted some really tough pots on the night, especially Chris who pinged balls in along the back rail as if they were sitting over the pocket, and took some pots into the corner pockets as if there were 6 inch tap ins. But it was Rob won the match as Chris struggled to gain a grip of the last frame as both the pink and black got tied up early on and this suited Rob more than his opponent. Rob eventually took the frame after Chris was left needing several snookers with only one red left on the table.

Both players shook hands with each other and knowing that they had given their all, which is what the game is all about. Rob will be looking forward to next year where he will be playing in the 1st division with Mere Brow B, and Chris will be looking to cement his place as one of the top players in the league with maybe another individual trophy to his name or helping his side win the 1st division title.


Rickerby Cup winners – Fleetwood Hesketh A whitewashed Mere Brow A 4-0 to claim this years Rickerby Cup with some superb all round snooker play. The League Champions had no answer to the onslaught from Fleetwood as they piled on the points in a one sided final. The signs were there for all to see after Gareth Hibbott set the night alight with two quick fire 40’s to beat Martin Brown by nearly 90 points leaving Dean Oliver to make his own 40+ break to take a strong lead. Although it always looked like a 2-0 lead Dean did give his team a fright by missing the blue ball totally and going in-off the pink to give Andy O’Hara a sniff of a chance to snatch an unlikely win. But Andy didn’t play the best of shots on the pink, left it on, and Dean took both the pink and black to give Fleetwood a 2-0 and a 113 point lead. Stuart Evans took advantage of a few missed pots by Alan Wareing to get a 30 point lead but when he missed an easy pot Alan made his move. Although Alan was unfortunate at times in his frame, through no fault of his own doing, he missed an easy black into the corner pocket on 41, 3 reds left in the open, and the possibility of more to come. That was his last chance. Stuart held his nerve to take the frame on the colours, and almost guarantee the cup going to Marshside. Danny Jassi was the last man standing for Mere Brow as he tried to get a win on the board for his team and take it into the last 2 frames. It wasn’t to be as Ste Crane chipped in the brown and blue to seal the win after Danny had fought hard to gain his team a win. It wasn’t to be the treble for Mere Brow but they have had a great season to remember anyway. For Fleetwood it was a little bit of revenge for their 5-1 drubbing in the league that ultimately cost them the title.

In the semi-finals Fleetwoods Gareth Hibbott nearly made Southport snooker history with his own attempt at a maximum 147 clearance. He potted 13 reds and 13 blacks for 104 before missing a tricky red down the rail to continue his effort. Mere Brow had a tougher match on their hands after they scrapped past Churchtown Cons B on aggregate by only 5 points. Churchtown had the lead in the last 2 frames but Danny Jassi got some vital pots at the end of his frame to take it away from the Con Club.


The Frank Lodge Final – This years winners of the Frank Lodge Trophy are Mere Brow A after they comprehensively beat Churchtown Cons A by 165 points on the aggregate score. Mere Brow have had a great season this year, winning the 1st division title and now completing the double with this win last night. But this win was probably the best that this team have played all season in amassing some 537 points on their way to victory. All bar one of the Mere Brow players had a break of 30 or more on the night, with three of them breaking the 50 mark. Andy O’Hara took a very well made 57, Andy Booth cleared up with a superb 59, and what started this potting spree off was Martin Brown who made an excellent 52 break under pressure. That break came in the first pairing of the night in his match with Les Prescott in what was the frame of the night and frame of the season. With the scores level at 1 red a piece, Les started to make best of an error left to him by Martin. After finally breaking down on 55, Les had put his side well and truly in command of his match. But with 6 reds open Martin was left with an easy opener to begin his counter attack. When he did break down on 52, there was only the pink and black left on the table, which he eventually took to take the frame away from Les and win by 10 points. That set the scene for the remaining Mere Brow players to raise their game and take the match away from Churchtown for the rest of the night. So Mere Brow have the League and Frank Lodge Cup double for their efforts this season, and it could end up getting better as they are still involved in the Rickerby Cup. A historic treble awaits them…!!!

1st Division winners – Mere Brow A
Runners Up – Fleetwood Hesketh A
2nd Division Winners – Tarleton BC D
Runners up – Mere Brow B
3rd Division Winners – British Rail B
Runners Up – Bretherton B

Atherton Cup Winner – Jon Holmes
Runner Up – Gary Owen
JJ Birch Cup Winner – Phil Keep
Runner up – Peter Haslem
Frank Lodge Winners – Mere Brow A
Runners up – Churchtown Cons A
JW Blyden Vets Handicap winner – Dave Palmer
Runner Up – Paul Taylor
JW Blyden U21’s Winner – Mike Marsh
Runner up – Harvey Webster
James Yates Winner – Chris Hoare
Runner up – Gareth Hibbott
Birch Pairs winners – Andy Bolton & John Nelson
Birch Pairs runners up – Paul Crabtree jnr & Harvey Webster
Rickerby Cup winners – Fleetwood Hesketh A
Runners up – Mere Brow A
Lucas Open Cup Winner – Gareth Hibbott
Runner up – Paddy Tyndall
Marshall Handicap winner – Rob Johnson
Runner up – Chris hoare


many thanks to st stephens & chris gill

report & photos by steve c



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