Southport protesters join hundreds to protest Downing Street to demand ‘No Attack on Syria’ as Parliament is recalled

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Hundreds to protest Downing Street to demand ‘No Attack on Syria’ as Parliament is recalled

A  couple of protesters from Southport will join Campaigners who will gather at Downing Street on Wednesday (27th August) to demand that the British government does not to intervene militarily in Syria after David Cameron recalled Parliament to discuss how to respond to an alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria.

In a statement from the Stop the War Coalition campaigners said “While we oppose all use of chemical weapons, the latest alleged such attack in Damascus should not be used as a pretext for further
exacerbating an already bloody civil war.”

The statement went on to say “There have been numerous western interventions in the Middle East and South Asia over the past 12 years. While the attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya were all argued for on humanitarian grounds, they have all increased the levels of killing and misery for the ordinary people of those countries. They were in reality all about regime change. This is also what Syria is about.”

Lindsey German, convenor of Stop the War, said “Only 9% of the public support a new military intervention. David Cameron should listen to the public because, unlike him, the public has learnt the lesson of the disastrous wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya over the last 12 years.”

Stop the War Coalition has also called for a national march to Trafalgar Square where a rally will be held on Saturday (31st September) at 12 noon. More details to be announced shortly.
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