Southport Orchestra ‘Classical Greats Concert’ play St Lukes Church Southport Sat December 7th 2013

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Southport Orchestra ‘Classical Greats Concert’ play St Lukes Church Southport Sat December 7th 2013

Date: Saturday December 7th 2013 at 7.30pm

Venue:   St Lukes Church Hawkeshead Street, Southport PR9 9BT

This concert features 4 Great Works from the Classical Repertoire.


Hansel and Gretel Overture    Engelbert Humperdinck

Somerset Rhapsody      Holst

Pavane         Faure

Symphony No. 1       Jean Sibelius

Tickets available now.

Call the Southport Orchestra Ticket Line on 07544 715959

ABOUT some of the Orchestra members:-

ABOUT: Steve Titherington Instrument – Trombone Joined Orchestra- 2004

A little bit about me………………………..

I was musical from a young age, and my musical interest came from my grandparents as neither of my parents played an instrument or read music.

I was given a toy piano with all white keys on it and painted black keys that didn’t work.

After banging away as a 5yro (I must have driven Mum and Dad crazy) I eventually worked out a tune I’d heard but it wouldn’t play correctly because I knew I needed a black note that was unavailable.

At the age of 11 in the first year at Ainsdale Secondary School, the music teacher invited any pupils who wanted to play to come to the music room and put their name down for an instrument the following day. I knew I wanted to play something but didn’t know what. It was by chance I was watching a TV programme and saw a guy playing a Trombone, so I fancied a go and that’s how I came to choose the Trombone.

Do you play another instrument? I have enough difficulty with the Trombone! I can play the piano using guitar chords from books.

What is the most famous venue you have played at? Southport Floral Hall –16 June 2012; Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert

What are your ambitions for the future? Try and do all the things I’ve been unable to do since I was a teenager

What is your favourite food? Anything without Gluten in it – but a good Sunday roast and I love Christmas Pudding

How do you like to relax? Listening to Music – Varied tastes from Classics to Abba. It has to be tuneful and have a harmony.

What is your favourite film? Probably the James Bond franchise

Who is your favourite composer? Being a Trombonist it has to be Holst, though I like Elgar and Parry

If you could change anything, what would it be? Where do I start! To have been diagnosed with probable Coeliac Disease when I was in my late teens or early twenties, and not have suffered it for 35 years and wasted the best years of my life.

Which person living or dead would you like to have dinner with? Probably Holst but also with Elgar and Parry would make a nice dinner party. I hope they’d like my cooking

ABOUT:Alec Gregory  Instrument – Trumpet Joined Orchestra- 2012

A little bit about me …………………………….

Alec Gregory has been playing the trumpet in the Southport Orchestra since September 2012 after moving to Southport from the Wirral where he spent two decades making music with the Wirral Symphonic Wind Band.

He has been playing the trumpet since the age of eleven and also plays the piano, guitar and bass guitar with varying amounts of success!

After over thirty years as a full-time classroom music teacher in Birkenhead and Liverpool he is now forging a career in supplky teaching.

His favourite composers/musicians include Mahler, Stravinsky, Mozart, Miles Davis, Sun Ra, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison and Leonard Cohen. His hobbies include reading the Guardian, cooking and eating which means that he needs to spend more time on his other hobbies of walking, cycling and running!

ABOUT: Alison Bond  Instrument – French Horn Joined Orchestra- 1994

I consider myself very fortunate in that I come from a family where music has always played a big part. I can’t remember starting piano lessons, but know that I did and that my mother took over teaching me for a while before she refused because I wasn’t doing any practice (parents of the world unite!). She was also very influential in my taking up the horn at secondary school; when the opportunity arose for brass lessons she discovered there weren’t many horn players around and so began a long and rewarding challenge with a curled up length of brass tubing, a few valves and a mouthpiece.

I’ve always enjoyed playing the horn, although neighbours may beg to differ. I’m quite sure horn octets in a back-to-back house in Leeds when I was a student may not have been particularly appreciated apart from by those taking part. And I’d be surprised if there weren’t some comments from residents and visitors to Coniston when horn quartets sounded out from a friend’s garden for all the village and valley to hear. It was a privilege to be part of a quartet playing the Wedding March at a fellow horn players wedding, but perhaps I’d better not start on the memorable orchestral and wind band concerts I’ve played in across the country…

Having pursued a medical career, playing the horn has been a very welcome release from the pressures that that profession can sometimes present. Weekly orchestral rehearsals not only make sure you play at least once every seven days (!) but provide a valuable time for relaxation and socialising. Oh, and the music is great too! Sitting in the midst of a group of like minded musicians playing a symphony, an overture, something light-hearted, or festive, or simply just-for-fun-because-that’s-the-piece-that-we’ve-found-that-week, gives a sense of pleasure and enjoyment like no other.

Long live music everywhere!

Photo’s etc courtesy of Southport Otchestra

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