Southport Labour Action Team provide MP Pugh with the answers!

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Southport Labour Action Team provide MP Pugh with the answers!

Local Libdem MP John Pugh has been struggling to get information about central Government funding of Sefton Council so Southport Labour Action Team have now generously stepped in to help him and his staff out.

According to Hansard, in the past month Mr Pugh has asked several questions in parliament about Government grants to Sefton Council. Each time he asks, the minister concerned refers him to the Government’s own website. What’s remarkable is that Mr Pugh in 2011-12 spent £93,000 of taxpayer’s money on staff salaries yet not one of them can take the minister’s hint and look up the information on one of their computers, or even just ask the council. Now the unpaid volunteers at Southport Labour Action Team have stepped in to help and after studying data freely available on spreadsheets from the Department of Communities and Local Government website the following official figures reveal the scale of the reduction in spending power at Sefton MBC:

Year Spending power Cut from

2010-11 10-11 £289m 

11-12 £269.4m £19.6m

12-13 £254.8m £34.2m

13-14 £249.3m £39.7m

14-15 £237.5m £51.5m  TOTAL CUT           £145m

We are left wondering why Mr Pugh is asking these questions. After all he has failed to oppose these cuts to Sefton’s funding inflicted by the Tory/Libdem coalition and must have known the predictably damaging effect they are having on local services and the local economy,

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