Southport Hospital hellhole (Open Letter)

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I am also disgusted with the so called‘care’ my Mother received at Southport Hospital.

My Mother was taken to A+E on Saturday 28/09/13 following a fall at her Carehome. The staff felt she needed to be checked over as she had banged her head during the fall. Her hips were X-rayed but not her head! My Mother was then admitted overnight to ward 10B as she had very low Blood Pressure and a fast Heartbeat. Whilst I was sat with her, I could hear two staff members complaining about how short staffed they were and how overworked they are.

My Mother was discharged on Sunday 29/09/13 she was taken back to Hope Cottage by Ambulance, when the staff saw how shabby she looked and how she smelt they were very shocked and disgusted, and rang me immediately. Her hospital gown was not fastened, it had fallen down exposing her chest. The E.C.G stickers were still stuck to her skin on her left breast and right ankle. Her incontinence pad was hanging off her and soaking wet with urine, she also smelt strongly of urine so had not been washed during her stay, as she did not smell of urine when I was sat with her for 4 hours. I can honestly say I am disgusted by the care she has received. There was no discharge note, no explanation of any treatment given. My Mother worked as an Auxiliary nurse for over 30 years in Christiana Hartley Maternity Hospital. My Mother wouldn’t have treated a patient like this!

Dementia patients need specialized care, they should be treated with dignity and respect. They are still human beings even if they can’t communicate.

The Hospitals thorough investigation is still ongoing!!!!

From a Southport Resident

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