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Southport Crown Post Office on Lord Street to close

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Southport Crown Post Office on Lord Street to close

OTS News understands that Southport’s Crown Post Office on Lord Street is to close.

Staff members have all been given notices about the closure and they will individually be told later today (Friday 12th October 2013) what their future roll will be within the company.

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The main post office counter is to be relocated to WH Smith on Chapel Street.


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5 Responses to “Southport Crown Post Office on Lord Street to close”

  1. toothache

    I wonder if that means we will get a postbox back on Chapel St?

    There used to be one the Hoghton St end but when Chapel St was pedestrianised they said it was too difficult for the Royal Mail vehicles to collect from Chapel St any more.

    What use is a post office without a letter box nearby and what about the parcel collection from the post office? If it was too difficult to collect letters from the old post box, how much more difficult to collect from WHS?

    More large vehicles on Chapel St – more damaged granite slabs, more cost to the rate payers – but who cares about us if they can convert the old Crown Post Office into flats and collect loads of extra council tax.

  2. admin

    Email sent to OTS News………

    WH Smiths own the shop next to them on the corner of Tulketh Street which has a short lease, perhaps that is where they intend to place the post office. It is time though that the Post office left the 19th century and joined the 21st. We live in a world where shops now open 24 hours a day, but main post offices still work 9 to 5-30, and half day Saturday. Many sub offices based inside shops are offering limited services, but not all. Perhaps now that the post office has moved into private hands, they will wake up and smell the coffee. I would also like to see the BBC sold off and many of their over paid over staffed departments slashed.

  3. brpo

    Admin, please get your facts correct before posting such tosh.

    Post Offices have had successive Government’s false promises of more work, the latest being a prime example with no extra work whatsoever. The Crown Office’s cost the Network £60million a year in losses, yes lose £60m every year, hence the demise of 70 throughout the country. I would predict when this office moves into WH Smith they will be upstairs in the existing site as in other WH Smiths throughout the country.
    You also say shops are open 24 hours a day. Apart from the Giants, who else does? Would you, or would you need to shop in the Post Office in the middle of the night? Do you work 24 hours a day or is it the 9-5.30? 95% of Post Offices are privately owned, do you honestly think small busineeses can afford to open 24 hours a day? You also say they close half-days on Saturdays, WRONG.

    The Post Office has not “moved into private hands”, Royal Mail has been in the news this last couple of days with regards toTHEIR pprivatisation, a completely separate business. Admitted the general public connect the two but this division happened some years ago no doubt in preparation for just this. The two were historically linked but alas no more. I believe this privatisation of Royal Mail could be the first step to the demise of the whole of the Post Office so you may get your wish Admin, you’ll probably be able to post in Tesco’s in the not too distant future in the middle of the night.

    Privatisation has not done the ordinary man in the street any good whatever. Look at the Utility companies, who’s the winners there? Certainly not those who cannot afford to heat their homes. Royal Mail will no doubt suffer the same where money, not service counts.

    • weldyboy

      Well if that comes off how am I and many like me going to get there in a wheelchair,good idea that would be as theres on lift.

  4. admin

    EMAIL sent to OTS News………..

    In answer to one comment. Many post offices still close at 12-30 pm on a Saturday, and yes I for one, until I retired, worked a 24/7 shift pattern. Many people do, police fire ambulance hospital staff and so on. We have mostly gotten used to being able to pop out either to the big stores (Almost 24/7) or even the smaller stores from early to late for milk bread etc. Or even to buy say a TV or an ironing board. I did a few months back when ours broke at 8-0 pm. The world is no longer a 9 to 5 one. Perhaps that is a bad thing, but it is the way of the world. What was that saying? Adapt or die. The post office has been very slow in adapting. If they had, maybe they wouldn’t have found themselves in the mess they are in. Oh one little thing to show their way of thinking. Many years ago, my wife, finding it open and wanting something, went into the Ainsdale Post Office on a Saturday afternoon, only to be told that the two members of staff were on duty just to deal with the lottery.