Southport Craven Minor JFL Results Week Ending 6th October 2013

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 Southport Craven Minor JFL Results Week Ending  6th October 2013


Under 10 Eagles

Formby JSC White 5-2 Formby JSC Black

Burscough 1-3 Trinity White

Town Green 1-3 Redgate White

Maghull 1-2 Southport FC Yellow


Under 10 Hawks

S&A Amateurs Blue 5-0 Hesketh Colts

Trinity Blue 6-1 Formby Athletic

Redgate Yellow 1-2 Birkdale United

Phoenix 1-2 Southport FC Black


Under 11 Trisconi Cup

Formby JSC Rangers 9-1 Southport FC Juniors

Redgate Green 1-2 Trinity Blue

Birkdale United 9-1 Colts Green

Formby JSC Black 3-1 S&B Rangers Red

Colts Red 1-9 Trinity White

S&B Rangers Yellow 3-9 Redgate Black

Formby Athletic 0-9 Formby JSC White

Colts Blue 5-0 S&A Amateurs


Under 12 Premiership

Southport FC Juniors 1-4 Formby JSC


Under 12 Championship

S&A Amateurs 1-4 Redgate Rovers


Under 12 John Disley Cup

Birkdale United S 6-1 Phoenix

Crosby Stuart 2-0 Birkdale United R

Southport Trinity 9-0 Hesketh Colts

Formby Athletic 2-9 Birkdale Black


Under 13

Redgate Rovers 5-3 Formby JSC

Town Green 8-2 Southport Trinity


Under 13 Tom Galvin Cup

Marina Sands 6-5 Birkdale Black

Marine 8-0 Birkdale Hawks

S&A Amateurs 0-8 Hesketh Colts


Match report – Marina Sands Lions 6-5 Birkdale United Black

This game displayed all that was good about junior football. Two good attacking teams and a free flowing game with loads of talent on show.

The Lions dominated early possession and were rewarded when Tom Kayll slotted the first of his personal haul of four, at the far post. After this Birkdale came back in fine fashion and at one stage took a 3-2 lead early in the second half.

The Lions got the upper hand in this game without ever really dominating and went on to secure a hard fought victory with further goals from Conor Seddon and a twenty yard free-kick from Ben Windsor. Good performances from the whole team with Steve Richardson outstanding at the back.

Man of the match was awarded to James Hobson who performed heroics in the Lions goal as a stand in keeper.


Under 14 Anita Shaw Memorial Cup

Birkdale United 5-0 Redgate Rovers

Formby JSC 4-3 Town Green

Southport Trinity 9-1 Southport FC Juniors


Under 15

Redgate Yellow 7-0 Jaguars Red

Southport Trinity 3-1 Town Green

Hesketh Colts 7-0 S&A Amateurs


Under 15 Tom Owens Cup

Craven Minor JFL Fixtures Week Ending  13th October 2013


Under 10 Wilf Jenkison Cup

Maghull Youth v Redgate Yellow

S&A Amateurs Blue v Formby Athletic


Under 10 Eagles

Trinity White v Town Green

Burscough v Southport FC Yellow

Redgate White v Formby JSC White

S&A Amateurs Red v Formby JSC Black


Under 10 Hawks

Southport FC Black v  Phoenix

Hesketh Colts v Crosby Stuart

Birkdale United v Trinity Blue


Under 11 Premiership

Trinity Blue v Redgate Yellow

Colts Blue v Formby JSC Rangers

S&B Rangers Red v Formby JSC White

Birkdale United v Formby JSC Black


Under 11 Championship

Formby Athletic v Colts Green

Southport FC Juniors v S&A Amateurs

Redgate Black v Trinity White

Colts Red v S&B Rangers Yellow


Under 12 Premiership

Birkdale Black v Southport Trinity

Formby JSC v Birkdale R

Southport FC Juniors v Formby Athletic


Under 12 Championship

Birkdale S v Redgate Rovers

Crosby Stuart v Phoenix

Hesketh Colts v S&A Amateurs


Under 13

Birkdale Black v Southport FC Juniors

Hesketh Colts v Marina Sands

Southport Trinity v S&A Amateurs

Redgate Rovers v Town Green

Marine v Formby JSC


Under 14

Hares v Town Green

Southport FC Juniors v Redgate Rovers

Southport Trinity v Birkdale United


Under 15

Redgate Yellow v Town Green

Jaguars White v Formby JSC

Southport Trinity v Redgate Green

Southport FC Juniors v S&A Amateurs


Under 16 Premiership

AFC Liverpool v Town Green

Burscough v Redgate Rovers

Southport Trinity v Birkdale United


Under 16 Championship

Dynamo Rangers v Marine

Birkdale Black v S&A Amateurs


Under 18 Geoff White Memorial Cup

Hesketh Colts v BRNESC Black

S&A Amateurs v Southport FC Juniors


Under 18 Premiership

Redgate Yellow v  Burscough

Crosby Stuart v Marine

Formby JSC White v Town Green

By Mike Taylor

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